Oct 26 2014

Houses in the Humber River valley didn't fare much better. You used to be able to see broken walls from houses hit by the hurricane in James Gardens.

Jul 7 2014

Gosh, this Suess character sure sounds like an asshole. Us people with real illnesses are definitely not amused with his shenanigans. You let me know if he shows up and I'll give him something to think about, I will. Read more

Jul 7 2014

Yeah, it's like a 21st century version of Legends of the Fall or something.

Feb 19 2014

It's hard without jumping into a game I haven't touched in years and would have to go repurchase, hence some of the vagueness. Read more

Feb 14 2014

Um... no. No to everything he asks for. Give him a colecovision

Jan 6 2014

I used to be able to agree with you. But after seeing how much the show borrows (visually, sometimes thematically) from the animes Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star. I have trouble seeing it in the same light I used to.

Dec 30 2013

"warm lower-belly feeling in love"
Yes. That is where it is....

Dec 16 2013

Come on, at least try to include some chemistry in a post like this...

Dec 7 2013

I have been following Ryan Connolly's work for some times, and I am a fan of his Film Riot web-show (which can be damn funny and really informative). I fully recommend it if you have any interest in becoming a film maker. Read more

Nov 16 2013

Nah, because idgaf about appearances. I do have a nasty devil's advocate personality type, though.

Nov 6 2013

I'm surprised you chose the least-inflammatory quote to show, Totilo. The "lol, why would I ever want to live in towns that aren't big cities with great internet access?" which felt like a "screw you, consumers" response, was way worse, and the one that really upset people, myself included. It felt so out of touch, so Read more

Aug 20 2013

there's some interesting ideas I've been playing around with, not describing the future necessarily but rather cultural elements of the future. Read more

Aug 1 2013

Except I think Infamous is one of the best games of the generation, Journey is a masterpiece, God of War would be AMAZING if it weren't so embarrassing (though I gotta disagree with some of my friends—I think 3 was way better than Ascension)... on and on I could go.