Jan 2 2017

How cute. Someone who is young or exceptionally lucky to never have experienced how the real world works.

Jan 1 2017

Supposed to throw a cup of piss. Words can be confusing, but they know where you stand when a plastic novelty cup of your hot urine hits them in the back of their head.

Jan 1 2017

It’s understandable. Having a civilized discussion in any Philadelphia sports venue is grounds for dismissal. At the very least they should’ve been yelling, but proper Philly fan behavior is throwing things.

Dec 25 2016

if I could jump in unsolicited - I personally don’t mind specifically when friends bring up kids or partners. it’s part of their life, and I want to know what’s going on in their life, so I’m happy to talk about their husbands the same way I’m happy to talk about work or pets or anything else. what bothers me is when Read more

Dec 19 2016

Okay. That’s fine. But why did you feel the need to share that with the class?

Nov 11 2016

People think the worst things about the Trump presidency is that Donald Trump is a hate-spewing, divisive narcissist with no experience or plan.

But the worst thing for me is that Mitch McConnell is happy.

Oct 30 2016

Yeah, I feel you. Who would want a human child when they could have a far superior, far cuter, puppy? But sometimes you don’t know that right away, and then you’re in it for 18 years, and the kid knows virtually no cute tricks, and takes forever to housebreak. And finding someone to board the kid when you want to go Read more

Oct 25 2016

The only way to prevent that is to stop selling booze at football games. That’s obviously not happening, so we have to move our eyes further along the lines to the next possible fix.

Oct 15 2016

The last pharmacy I worked at before my current job, I had a high school boy who worked part-time as an assistant. He was 16 and looked about 14. Read more