Oct 3 2017

Jesus Christ what kind of world is it where being able to hear what direction the shooting is coming from is an issue people have to think about!

Sep 18 2017

Exactly- they will face harsh consequences unlike a banker or Wall Street CEO.

Sep 18 2017

Drugs and such like are expensive- which is why drug testing welfare recipients tends to show lower instances.

Sep 17 2017

Wait - there isn’t a permanent professional interpreter on staff? That seems like a basic thing that might be needed.

Sep 7 2017

I can’t totally disagree with this, but possibly 50's England rather than America - religion and guns aren’t our thing. It’s called the Tyranny of Distance- everything happens here 10 years after the rest of the world.

Sep 4 2017

Avoiding the meet and greet Ivanka & Jarrod are gagging for.

Sep 2 2017

I don’t dispute it’s a great play but there is only so much variation these actors bring to the part. I suppose it is some reflection of the world today that it’s so popular.

Sep 1 2017

Hamlet again? Seriously Shakespere wrote lots of plays why is it always Hamlet these days? David Tennant, Jude Law, Benedict Cumberbatch et al

Aug 16 2017

Wait 2019? That seems a long time between sittings. Although I guess it gives them less time to do stupid stuff like this bill.

Aug 5 2017

True. It also doesn’t help his cause that their screeching tabloids didn’t have much impact on the election.

Jul 26 2017

William Shatner devotes much of his social media to calling these people out and winding them up.

Jul 25 2017

If Kim Kardashian West can mobilise her fans to come out in support of the ACA then we should stop bitching about her for a month.