K Moore
Oct 23

Yepp Genshin Impact was my first entry into BotW-likes. I thought it’s a brilliant open-world system that deserves its own sub-genre.

Oct 14

Materials aren’t random, Different types of ground produce different set lists of materials - unless you’re playing on Final Destination versions of stages in which all parts of the stage will produce the same set of predetermined items.

As to whether he “fits” he’s no more off the wall than game and watch in Read more

Oct 9

Lamenting? I said the CC was pretty good baring some weird specific choices. Beyond that, this article is saying “Wow since everyone’s making characters that look like themselves, maybe we should ensure that everyone has that ability.” Larian’s doing the bashing, not me.

Oct 9

Y’know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a developer share what the average character would look like based on user data. I’d love to see that for more games. Read more

Oct 9

What I mean is: if you can offer customization options, great do that. If you can’t, then think harder about the characters you are designing (I mean as NPCs in the world or as the main character players will pilot). Do they all need to be beefy white guys named Chris or can you mix it up a little bit. Players are Read more

Oct 1

Not really. The idea is to get people to play your game. Minecraft was a phenomenon. Travis Touchdown is pretty niche. Anyone who wants Waluigi probably already owns the game. Maybe Crash Bandicoot since there’s a new Crash game. I’m sure there’s some unwillingness on behalf of one or both parties to put in Master Read more

Sep 30

It is a shame because there’s so much to like about the game. Unlike one of the first sentences claims, the “bullshit that comes with free to play” is really kept in the background and only there for players happy to spend their money to progress faster. Read more

Sep 16

I supposed the big question is how does this compare to Stadia? I have no interest in cloud gaming, but I think Xbox’s start is much more attractive than Google’s. The value of Game Pass is insane considering the quality of games included. 

Sep 14

Specially with that piano rendition of Those Who Fight.

Aug 4

So, you can see clearly that it includes all the games above. Stadia makes you pay for the games you want to play. You’re never paying nothing...

Where are you getting “better service” from? Are you aware that Microsoft is far more prepared for this with their Azure infrastructure than Google ever was?

Jul 21

I sold my entire collection for about $300 back in 2004. Whenever I see an article like this I wonder just how much it would actually be worth now. A few thousand at least no doubt. Read more

Jul 1

Cross code was already on gamepass for PC. I assume you mean this is now available on consoles.

Jun 24

Not my specific cup of tea, but I’m surprised/not surprised. When you think about how to best use such a huge roster of pokemon, a DOTA style arena brawler does make a lot of sense. I’m sure a lot of people will actively hate it and spill a LOT of ink about how it ruins the franchise or disrespects the community or Read more

Jun 23

The notion that entire, sentient races are naturally predisposed to certain levels of intelligence, or moral alignments, is baked into the game. That’s not the same as talking about “good and bad sides”. Read more

Jun 23

It’s interesting that they spotlight orcs and Drow specifically. I haven’t read any RA Salvatore in years because it was just becoming too much to keep up with. But, as far as I know, he was kind of blazing that trail with Obould Many Arrows trying to find a place for his people to settle. Orcs were still volatile, Read more