K Moore
Oct 16

Sure does **sound** like a Cataclysm situation here, but we’ll see...

Oct 12

Doesn't really come, at least not 20 hours in. The combat is gets really interesting once you start encountering the bosses in dungeons though

Oct 10

Ain't no Black dudes in the games I play for the most part, so I put me in them, problem solved

Jul 29

Hey look, it's every video game protagonist from the early 2010s

Jul 1

Okay this is weird-- I *know* I already have CrossCode on Game Pass for PC. What gives?

May 29

Four Switches just...sitting there...on the shelf…out in the open as if they weren’t the hottest commodity behind Purell and common decency in the executive branch” Read more

May 25

Jesus that's fucking heartbreaking. She seemed so sweet.

May 8

I was JUST coming to say this reminded me of 8-bit theater. Man, early 2000s Internet!

Mar 16

You can always do a run of Three Houses with that other house you didn’t pick!

Mar 11

This is a strange read to me because I didn’t hear anything but love and tenderness in West’s voice when he gave that speech. As for Sanders, he speaks to and of every group of working and middle class voters with the same urgency. The only groups he’s ever shamed are CEOs, Wall Street Execs, and the billionaire Read more

Mar 6

This idea that being Black in-and-of-itself makes a person progressive is extremely dangerous. It renders one almost completely blind to the fact that many Black folks, especially in the South, *are indeed conservative*, but align themselves with Democrats because they rightly understand the Republican party to be the Read more

Jan 28

Definitely just experienced this booting up Dragalia Lost for the first time in around a year. Got one of the .053% rolls on my first pull- which I hope didn't waste my "lapsed player luck" , I only reinstalled the app for the Monster Hunter event starting this week 😭

Jan 17

I definitely winced when I saw the one-month delay for FFVII Remake. They’re going through hell right now for sure.

Jan 15

Love Sword and Shield, love the direction this series is taking the world, but watching this really solidified my biggest gripe with the game (and the only nod I’ll give to people complaining that the games should’ve been delayed): Read more

Jan 9

Is the community going to break again over people not reading that you can still transfer them in via Home (like everyone wanted) once the update hits without buying the DLC? I'll take that bet

Jan 8

In my wildest dreams this makes so much money they actually decide to finish the DLC. Read more

Jan 2

Even weirder and better than I remembered, completely forgot about the whole instrument thing- and golems? Read more

Jan 2

Hell yeah, this was the first RPG I got serious about playing as a kid. Loved that you could catch and raise the monsters in it too. And I think there was this whole complex system for summoning spirits? Read more