Apr 10 2019

Rich uses a 6 point buck, not a 4 point one. Totally different. (I’m sure all the lines and angle just happen to match up too.)

Apr 10 2019

different number of points too! Even the slogan is different: the performance of one is by design, while the other is simply British. couldn’t be more different

Apr 10 2019

Totally different, one says Whyte and the other says Rich, I see no similarities... Read more

Apr 10 2019

This might be why they have been the sponsor for months now, and the season has started, and they still don't have any new merchandise for sale

Feb 5 2019

Interesting — perhaps by “structurally alter the material” they mean “the heat generated by polishing it would, you know, sort of . . . set the wheel on fire . . . which would, ‘structurally alter’ it . . . into MgO.  So we electroplated it.”

Jan 20 2018

Having broken my leg while skiing and riding partway down the hill sitting on skiis I tip my hat to this man