Apr 3 2019

Steam, Origin, Uplay, GOG Galaxy, EPIC...sometimes its not about allegiance, its simply about not wanting 9000 different fucking launchers when almost all the games you play are already on just one.

Aug 4 2018

Think about it this way. It’s not in games because they don’t want to have a good tutorial or practice mode. It’s so people can just pick up and play. 1 button combos have been great for when I play with friends for them to not get frustrated that they can’t do anything with a fighting game they’ve never played when Read more

Jun 5 2018

Street Fighter V is awful not because it tried to be accessible, because it isn’t. Even though 1 frame links became 3-4 frame links, it is still pretty difficult for the majority of people. I played Street Fighter V competitively for an entire year and SFV was fraught with faults from the very beginning. Here are Read more

Mar 6 2018

It technically is the DS port which does have some quests and an ending the original SNES didn’t have. Honestly if they could get this game working up to the level, I would definitely get the Steam port.

It sucks that the modders are the ones who have to fix what should have been great port tho.

Nov 15 2017

You are correct, though i suspect they’re on the line because you get a physical good in return which is not limited to a very specific economy. Unlike a skin in Overwatch or an upgrade in BF2 you can re-sell those goods to anyone without oversight from the creator, and unlike video games those goods will never be Read more

Nov 9 2017

And this is the same ESRB that’s playing dumb about rating addictive gambling style systems in games because accurately rating them would keep them off the shelf in many retail stores. This is just god damn stupid and anti-developer and anti-consumer. The wolf has been watching the hen house for a while, and now Read more

Oct 14 2017

I fully agree with the points you made, and would love to see cash shop reviews become a thing. Not just “a costs x, b costs y” etc but actually finding a way to compare the value of items to each other,as well as to the cost of entry to the game. Read more

Apr 20 2017

I find the ones that auto-redirect the entire page into a redirect page on mobile insanely annoying. ABP or not, it renders a lot of websites unusable. And seems to spawn from either a banner ad or popup. I actually thought this was a security vulnerability that had been closed, but I guess not...seeing how someone Read more

Apr 19 2017

There’s this one fucking website, makes you wait 5 seconds before you can even see the webpage. But seriously, there are some sites I’ve just stopped visiting. Some are are ads on top of other ads. Some others I quit visiting because they make you whitelist before reading an article. I find the next website that Read more

Apr 4 2017

Well, for starters, the game has been out in Japan for months. If people want to be spoiled, they’ll be spoiled. (From what I hear, Twitter users and YouTube commenters are doing their best to spoil everyone regardless.) Read more

Sep 3 2016

The problem with the Pokemon, is that the advanced mechanics don’t matter in the slightest, unless you care about PvP. You can do everything in the game by just leveling your favorite Pokemon up, and paying attention to types. There is no reason to bother with IVs, EVs, abilities, Egg Moves, Tutors, Weather, and all Read more

Sep 2 2016

Dungeons feel more like a chore once you’ve done them enough, while I do hate the mindset of press to the finish I entirely understand and actively am a part of. Read more

Aug 29 2016

Alot of people think the devs deserve it, The game didnt deliver on alot of promises, To the point that people felt like they were scammed. Maybe they were. Theres content in the videos that you just cant find ingame.

Jul 27 2016

Cease being stupid for a second.

Addiction is a very well documented, extremely well comprehended issue that is not as easy to fix as to make people aware of their behaviour.

Addicts more often than not are fully aware of their addiction and how negative it is, and MMOs — especially free-to-play ones — are extremely Read more

Jul 3 2016

I don’t understand the point of all this. Whether it was Atlus, Nintendo, or both, I think the ratings reason they gave is bullshit. This game would’ve still had a T rating if it was left untouched. And man going so far as to rerecord certain dialouge is going above and beyond for all the wrong reasons. This was a lot Read more

Jul 3 2016

Complaining on the internet is an incredibly powerful tool in gaming, and to imply it does nothing is really selling it short. Read more

Jun 17 2016

Hopefully they set it to where you can’t choose multiple of the same character