This thread is really interesting, but people do seem to either be talking at cross purposes or completely misunderstanding each other. The teacher in me (that’s currently in Africa btw) just wants tell everyone to take a clean breath, stretch and start again.
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There are other things that go into building a school other than construction. One of my friends was in the PeaceCorps and helped build a school (I cant remember where) and she pretty much just painted interior and exterior walls. She also helped bring in the furniture - desks/tables/shelving etc. Read more

Yeah the ‘Africa’ thing is dumb, but tbf whenevet I told people in the US that I volunteered in Zambia I usually had to qualify it with the continent. Read more

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Former Peace Corps volunteer here. If your friend acted like she literally built everything herself then yeah, she sucks. If you hated on her for setting up schools (probably using local laborers) then you’re the shitty person. Read more

Do you think all construction workers know all those things? Sometimes people are just labor. Read more

You can’t possibly be this stupid, so you must be a troll. Read more

Uh . . . by your “equation,” white women who have been assaulted by powerful men would be victims of racism. And, quite frankly, it’s NOT that simple. It never is. Read more

You know just because you feel that way, doesnt make it true right? Thats ridiculous lol. Read more

I . . . don’t think that’s right. Perhaps the original argument was that “reverse racism” (i.e., racism by PoC against white people) doesn’t exist, which is definitely a valid argument for the reason you state—that PoC generally don’t have privilege and lack institutional power and are therefore simply “punching up.” Read more

Sociopath, through and through. Reading that made me ill. Read more

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Learning about ONE case of sexual assault is similar to finding ONE drop of vomit the morning after a night of drinking. You know there has got to be a pile more hidden somewhere because there’s no such thing as ONE iota of any of that shit. Read more

I’ve said it before but I especially hate the Father Of A Daughter line. Fuck you. Either you care about this because you’re a decent human being, or you don’t. I don’t have a daughter. I have a son. And I’d argue that as a woman who’s been sexually assaulted, I care more about raising him to properly respect others Read more

Children are so much easier to teach than grown men. Read more


Podophobic — if your office doesn’t have a dress code, then you need to mind your own fucking business. I mean, I have plenty of opinions about how people should dress at work. Most of them are stupid and I keep them to myself. They include:

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