Nov 21 2018

Not at all. I buy almost only designer items and, unless you’re a fan of the designer or really into fashion, you’d never be able to tell. Not a single logo on me. (except for Margiela’s stitches but you’d never know what those are or care if you saw them and neither would most people)   Read more

Nov 8 2018

I may be in a mood, but I hate these people and if I had been in the subway car I would’ve literally wanted to murder them.

Nov 2 2018

Here’s the thing. There are some bold statements saying that women are overshadowed by people like Antonoff. My question is, who thinks that? Seriously, who? Does anyone actually believe that the hundreds of millions of Taylor Swift fans believe or think this? The ONLY people who think this are people that are either Read more

Nov 2 2018

No one should be forced to minimize their own role in a collaborative effort, just as no one should claim sole credit for work that is done in collaboration. The issue is not with Antonoff, but with the media coverage of him.

Aug 31 2018

I’ve said it many times but, I’ll say it again. I freaking love this book, it was literally the most helpful thing for a prepubescent me. As an awkward person, i hated going to my mom with questions, and this really helped me feel ok with the changes i was going through.

Aug 29 2018

Aziz Ansari doesn’t deserve the level of vitriol directed at Louis CK et al. CK masturbated to his subordinates then blackballed them with his influence. Aziz Ansari thought he was getting a groupie one night stand, she thought it was a date. Neither of them clarified their expectations for the night. He was an Read more

Aug 29 2018

This seems like an unneccessary article

Aug 29 2018

I know any comment section about Aziz is going to be a shit show, but can we all agree that him going with jokes about dating, birth control and celebrities being unfairly exiled from society was a weird choice?

Jul 24 2018

What I know about Karlie Kloss is what I know about her from the daily show o colbert. She is really into coding and ecouraging young girls to learn how to code so they can express themselves throught technnology which is something super cool if you ask me. So fuck the silly shade in this “article”. I also hope never Read more

Jul 24 2018

It’s amazing how much more attractive he is than Jared. Jared looks like he stole a Josh mask to cover his Lizard face.

Jul 24 2018

Disapproval from the Kushner family should be seen as a badge of honor.

Jul 24 2018

he’s clearly not aligning himself with his family -- he and karlie both regularly speak out against this administration and put their money where their mouth is. yeah his family is horrible but i really admire him and am unsure why we have to shit on his happiness just because of who he’s related to.

Jun 27 2018

So vote for Cuomo then? Vote for the person who you know is going to fuck you over, instead of the person who might not?

Jun 26 2018

I hope Schumer and Pelosi paid attention tonight. This woman is the future.

Jun 25 2018

Personally, I think it is VERY important that kids see racism, sexism etc in action so they can understand what it looks like and why it’s wrong. I wouldn’t let a kid read these books totally unsupervised, but I wouldn’t rule them out entirely. I got a lot of my love of the outdoors and desire to do things like cook, Read more

Jun 21 2018

I loved this book series, and it’s exactly the wholesome, sweet teen story the world needs right now. Between this and “Crazy Rich Asians,” I cannot wait for August!

Jun 20 2018

Fucking awesome, good for her. Just want to note that Donald Trump is not her boss or her boss’s boss, etc... Congress is supposed to be coequal with the Presidency, even if they mostly seem interested in refusing to take responsibility for anything and then posturing when things go wrong (e.g., the constant stream of Read more

Jun 13 2018

I’m cynical, so whenever I hear “influencer”, I say “why did I go to grad school?” to myself.