Getting hit by a bus means you won’t need Xanax. Read more

I had to turn the brightness up on my monitor to read this.

Because of all the shade being thrown. This is magnificent. Paragon of SPORTS! journalism. I may even be willing to pay a monthly fee for this content, its just that good.

I mean, now that Farmers is no longer providing ad revenue anymore. You really hate to Read more

Hey, they are with you guys!

I see what you did there. Even though Burnenko specifically told me not to post GIFs anymore...

God damn it. Stick to sports and stop talking about the MLS! Read more

Wow!  This is a great post about sports, sports only, and nothing else besides sports! Read more

Plus 20,000 Barry Petcheskys  Read more

So they used “sports to stick” it to the man? Read more

May I suggest a new Deadspin mascott, Sticky; The Stick-to-Sports Stick. Sticky lives in Jim Spanfeller’s butt. Read more

Sticking it to powerful people who are fucking up a good thing with disingenuous pleas to “avoid controversy” and “stick to sports” is a good thing. Read more

I’m 100 percent in support of the entire Giz family resigning and creating their own independent publication free from Great Hill’s bullshit, and would do everything I could to help out. And a paywall would totally be worth it if it keeps everyone safe from vulture capitalists. Read more

Hey that piece of shit nestled between that pig’s enormous testicles looks just like Jim Spanfeller! Uncanny! Read more

Wearing a John Rocker jersey is the same as wearing a MAGA hat. Read more

Hey Drew. You’re the best, and good luck with the brain and everything. Read more

I suspect a lot of us would express similar sentiments. I don’t want my ad revenue going to Great Hill any more, but I also have an incredibly hard time letting go of Deadspin and the writers I love. Hoping the next few days will present a better course of action for the commentariat crew  Read more

A question for the Funbag: why should I keep reading anything on this website after Jim Spanfeller and Paul Maidment went to the lengths of firing Barry, like cowards, for the dumbest of reasons?

I want to support the writers here—this is both the best website that exists, and has ever existed, and the best sports Read more