A negroni with a grapefruit twist is one of the best joys in life.  Read more

Michael Phelps can touch 100% of his back without a doubt. Read more

I think Jude Law is perfectly cast. A younger, more suave Dumbledore makes sense. Movie Dumbledore certainly always carried himself with an abundance of confidence, but it was understated. A younger version being more brash makes sense. That said, still not understanding how Newt is involved in battling the darkest Read more

This would explain why I over-served myself on Friday night! Most of my cocktails had grapefruit juice in them, since I need to start getting rid of the 5lb bag I bought. Read more

I get what you’re saying and that certainly would have been a way they could have gone. That said, Disney is a business and the moment they announced the originals would be there, the success of TFA was set in motion. It was inevitably going to be a blockbuster because of that. But, the business aspect aside, I still Read more

Honest question with no snark intended... would you have been okay with TFA and TLJ if the original three weren’t in it? How would it be explained away that General Organa has nothing to do with continuing to fight the Empire/First Order or that Luke has nothing to do with the battle of good and evil? If Disney had Read more

I second this motion. I bet she is a good dog. Read more

I understood that reference. Read more

I understood that reference. Read more

They did not. Eddie Gossage said they wouldn’t because of it. Read more

Thank you. You are doing god’s work. Read more

I could go on and on about Pittsburgh. The food scene here has really taken off over the past 5-6 years and it seems like another great restaurant is opening every month. My absolute two favorites are Gaucho in the Strip District and Tako downtown. Gaucho is Argentinian style food ordered at a counter and then Read more

If you look at the official NASCAR entry list for the event it has both listed prominently. I’m not saying she shouldn’t have also said HAAS Automation, but Monster is certainly considered prominent on the car. Read more

In her defense, he is also actually sponsored by Monster. The back half of the car is black and Monster is on the quarter panels. Read more

I guess I meant more of the text, not the logo itself. The weird 3d shadow on the text seems out of place and I hate the font. But to each their own I suppose. I’m really looking forward to the movie, so I hope thats the only part I don’t like. Read more

The Aquaman logo looks like something I made in my 7th grade computer graphics class and I’ve got no measurable artistic talent. In other words, it is bad. Read more

He’s also been cast as Simba in the new live action Lion King remake! Read more

Not really awkward and not me, but it makes me laugh anyhow. My aunt was given a new work cell phone a couple of years ago. Turns out the number had been Evgeni Malkin’s at one point. She gets occasional calls and texts that are directed to Geno. The most recent one she told me about was a text from Tyler Kennedy Read more