5/29/16 9:58AM

I dunno, since those mooks are nameless and faceless as you say, we don’t really know anything about them. Perhaps all of Mr. Freeze’s (sorry, DOCTOR Freeze’s) henchmen are all med students at Freeze’s evil medical school and henching with him counts as part of their clinical rotations? Lol

5/11/16 12:11PM

The villain of the Justice League movie is Zack Snyder

4/23/16 5:54PM

Perhaps I haven’t searched hard enough, but I don’t think anyone is saying they deserved to die because they ran from cops. They died because they made a mistake. You can’t blame the officers for not risking their lives to save theirs. Police have an obligation to do whatever they can within reasonable limits, but Read more

2/19/16 1:47PM

Normally I’d say “Get the fuck out of Dodge,” but if this guy is this stupid, I think he deserves to have his bunny boiled.

1/30/16 1:41PM

If you arrange to meet someone you have never met in a hotel its not considered a “ date” especially once his pee pee is in your mouth. I take rape seriously but I think this will be found to be a shakedown attempt.

1/25/16 6:36PM

It’s probably just a harmless sloth.
See the resemblance:

1/22/16 8:27PM

“We are from Russia. So we good. We have cat boiling on stove as we speak.”

12/29/15 5:36PM

Maybe that one stormtrooper that dies was his friend, and he doesn’t really care for any of the others? And I thought that his hesitation and reluctance in his first battle ever (on Jakku) was him not being 100% on board with the First Order’s ideals, so when he finds an ideal worth fighting for, he doesn’t mind the Read more

12/17/15 1:21PM

Sorry, but I don’t think you get to say how he identifies racially, regardless of your own perceptions and color lines. My daughter is Mexican, Czech, Irish, French, and Dominican. She looks white. People say she is white. She does not identify as white and we (her parents) do not identify her as white. Same with Kim Read more

12/04/15 6:41PM

now that the corporations have decided that feminism is the new, most profitable status quo, we have an environment where challenging an accuser’s narrative comes with a set of perils that few third parties would be willing to hazard. Read more

12/04/15 4:39PM

I do not think Stoya is leveraging movement feminism to take down Deen- I think she is leveraging personal experience as feminism to expose him. And it’s capitalism, the real 21 century God, that is motivating production companies to distance themselves from Deen’s projects now, but they will certainly continue to Read more

12/04/15 2:54PM

AHA! Okay, thank you- this explains A LOT of Deen’s early interviews and such. I have a gentleman on my Instagram who owns a company, and he has (unconsciously) dropped huge hints about who his family is. Once I made the connection, I was like, “Holy Moly, what is the son of a prominent Southern family doing xyz?” Read more

12/03/15 4:26PM

I think The Prestige goes well beyond ‘fanciful technology’ into the realm of pure on magic though...