Jul 30

1) As a member of the house of representatives it really isn’t her job to be pragmatic in that sense. There are 435 voting members in the House of Representatives and unlike the Senate, their job is to be a direct representative to the specific problems that intersect federal policy and their constituents. Her job Read more

Jul 30

Stopping the military from being on a singular service is too big of a concept for you? No wonder the democratic party gave us jack over the past 30 years except a giveaway to insurance companies and private industry.

Jun 21

Imagine that I did a Photoshop of the picture of Stalin and Yezhov at the Moscow Canal, but instead of Yezhov it’s Chris D’Elia. Read more

Jun 17

Thank you!  We all get that blackface is being used “ironically” here.  But even so, the entire point is to use blackface to shock a laugh out of people.  It is not making some deep meaningful indispensable point.  It is “HAHAHA, BLACKFACE CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!”

Jun 7

this is also the problem i’ve found with a few people and tabletop RPGs, people become their Characters. Which is dangerous. Because these Characters exist as ‘people’, but as fully Ætheric entities who poke into the Prime Material Plane via ‘Players’ who portray them well or poorly.

However, if Players roll enough Read more

Jun 6

That video had big “Rosario Dawson dancing on the roof in Clerks II” vibes, I don’t know how they thought it could create a disturbance anywhere but in people’s pants.

May 18

I agree with the criticism of Jessica, but other than that, I thought this was one of the strongest of the season.

Apr 22

Oddly, the only hope for the city to not become 100% owned by billionaires and bankers is for the crime to surge again.  Scaring them out is the only hope.

Apr 10

I like TLJ, but, I don’t think anyone can argue against that Johnson at least could have integrated plot points from TFA into his script more than just slashing and burning them. Read more

Apr 10

The biggest thing to me is that TLJ made a sincere attempt at originality.  TFA was a homage wank, through and through.  It had NOTHING laid out except some very easily guessed ideas.  Johnson’s biggest sin was his refusal to snort some powdered ‘member berries before putting together his movie.  Nostalgia is poison.

Apr 9

You can’t get mad at someone for not doing what you want when you didn’t give them a plan or instructions. Well, I guess you can be mad, but you’re dumb and your feelings are invalid

Apr 8

And the website revenue would tank to dangerous levels. The public don't want to read about those games, sad but undoubtedly true ☹

Feb 3

People will do a lot of mental gymnastics to justify their beliefs.

Jan 21

Would it kill her to accept an ounce of blame for running a piss-poor campaign and condemning us all to 4-8 years of Trump? Fuck her and the corporate funded jet she flew in on. She’s was and is part of the problem and the best thing she can do to be part of the solution is to go get lost in the woods again.
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