I think maybe you missed who is paying the $300K. Read more

It's incredibly tragic. I really have to say though, the comments on this article have been so informative and respectful to those involved. You guys are really impressive. Read more

That was a strange comment. People only mention the fakeness of wrestling in terms of it being not a competitive sport. The high quality of the stunts has always been pretty unquestionable though. Read more

After 5 minutes I feel like

Glass houses, motherfucker.

Doesn't matter if you're purple. If you are a criminal, resist arrest, and wield a weapon you will be shot. Read more

I don't know, you could probably get away with not worrying too much about #1 if you give 2 and 3 an honest effort. Read more

So you're stupid and morally corrupt, good to know. Read more

So after all these articles on Gawker about the dire need for body cameras, now they're a tool for the evil police to get away with even more. Which is it? Read more

An in-depth and comprehensive look at racism on Gizmodo?

Yes, screw California. We don't need them...

"Turns out, 99% of the country's walnuts and almonds are grown here. In addition, 98% of pistachios, 95% of broccoli, 92% of strawberries, 91% of grapes, 90% of tomatoes and 74% of lettuce for the entire country are grown in the state. "…

T Read more

Yep, the water will flow right down from the top of the map to the bottom because gravity. Read more

Wait, who doesn't like their own? Read more

a used, early Rolls Phantom is one of the great secrets of luxury car buying. You can pick these things up for $140k all day long with low miles and they are magnificent to drive, while simultaneously shitting on your neighbor who just dropped $270k on a new Bentley GT. At Gotham Dream Cara they were the most Read more

I tried to not be insensitive but its Kanye, he's the king of douches so... Ill bet $50 that when she meets god, its actually Kanye Read more

I'll go ahead and be the one to ask the awkward question on everyone's mind here: if you lose, does Kanye's mother go to hell? Read more

Are we gonna talk about the bit where Kanye approved of Tyga "getting in early" with Kylie? Read more