Mayim Bialik’s ‘dress modestly to avoid harassment’ advice ought to be added here too. What a garbage take. He would have come after them even if they’d all been dressed like nuns. Read more

It’s not surprising that this joke will resurface in discussions of Hollywood rape culture, and he is proving that he understands the issue by apologizing again instead of being defensive. I believe he is genuinely sorry and would still call myself a fan of his. Read more

Agreed. No one needs another Piper Chapman and I couldn’t care less about her romance with the egregiously cast Franco. Read more

Lindsay Lohan has also famously struggled with mental illness since she was a teenager, which is why she tanked her career. She’s not even in the same league as Donna Karan or Paul Schrader in terms of saying terrible things in a rational, sober state. Read more

It would be more productive to go after powerful figures within the Weinstein company than many of these men. Read more

I wish she would have just been honest and said ‘most women in Hollywood didn’t say anything about this because we never thought anyone would care.’ Read more

Yeah, he assaulted and shouted at people in public. Even without the sexual abuse stuff, he was known for behaviour that crossed the line. Read more

Rose McGowan is probably laughing at her and all the others pretending they didn’t know until now. Read more

In addition to being incapable of keeping it in his goddamn pants, this guy sounds like a sociopath in every story ever published about him. He has made a career out of shouting at staff, making threats, and harassing people in very public places on a regular basis. He should have been blacklisted for that stuff long Read more

It only really qualifies as the largest mass shooting* (shooting, not massacre) committed by one single person and unsanctioned by the state or a genocidal social contract. Read more

Oh yeah, that was him! I also quite liked him in Generation Kill, but I’ll always think of him as Ziggy. He’d make a great Vince. I don’t understand how the people who so masterfully cast The Wire ended up picking James Franco for a role like this. Maybe the decision was made by the network? Read more

They should have hired Bianca Lawson! Read more

And are more white people killed by law enforcement in proportion to their demographic size? There are way more white people in the United States, so it makes sense that they’d make up a significant chunk of police murder victims. I would still guess that more of the white victims are armed when killed by police. Read more

He’ll be hired as a Fox commentator soon enough. You can make a lot of money if you’re a woman or a minority willing to throw everyone else under the bus for some right wing dollars. Read more

These are all wrong: the correct answer is always CHER. Read more

This could easily avoided if the airline specifically asked about pet allergies/aversion to dogs or cats etc when booking their flights and prioritized pet-free flights. If I travel with my dog, I assume the inconvenience of having fewer flight options because I am bringing an animal into a place that may contain Read more

Shania’s leopard print phone cover was perfection. Read more

Why does anyone from ‘liberal’ Hollywood agree to be on her show? Someone should order one of those vintage black Santa dolls from Coca Cola and casually hold it all through the interview. Read more