May 5

I’ve had my adult friends telling me for years to watch the Clone Wars but is it like that? With kids constantly accidentally winning the day? And the Separatist droids, I have never been so glad to have them leave.

I can see some hint of things I would enjoy, but the clone kid was so grating. It feels like I’d have to Read more

Apr 15

We’re doing 10-year show retrospectives and GRRM has yet to publish the next book, so ...

Aug 5

Quibi will go away on its own by the end of the summer. It will just disappear. No need to worry. 

Jul 20

Thanks, the approval of internet poster Riot Croissant is what I was shooting for!

May 19

Being the best in the sequel trilogy doesn’t make it a good movie.

Mar 15 2020

Honestly? It should’ve been two movies with a split at the ‘cliffhanger’ on the desert planet. Read more

Mar 5 2020

If you’re seeing ads for N95 masks it’s because you searched for them recently and don’t have your tracking properly controlled. All I see are ads for cars and wine. It does annoy me that they don’t have better control over their ad service, but at least I’ve never seen an ad for totally false information like on some Read more

Feb 28 2020

“That said, if The Walking Dead has taught us anything, it’s that humans facing an undead apocalypse can be even more dangerous than zombies.” Read more

Feb 28 2020

Walmart is still fully evil, despite what the above advertorial suggests.

Feb 26 2020

“I don’t know what an ‘Indiana Jones’ is, and I don’t fucking care.”

Feb 26 2020

Contra for the NES was an immensely big part of my childhood, and that code is seared into my brain forever. It’s such a great piece of gaming history. Read more

Feb 25 2020

“I know almost nothing but I hate it!”

-Your average Star Wars fan, ladies and gents.