May 19

Being the best in the sequel trilogy doesn’t make it a good movie.

Mar 15

Honestly? It should’ve been two movies with a split at the ‘cliffhanger’ on the desert planet. Read more

Mar 5

If you’re seeing ads for N95 masks it’s because you searched for them recently and don’t have your tracking properly controlled. All I see are ads for cars and wine. It does annoy me that they don’t have better control over their ad service, but at least I’ve never seen an ad for totally false information like on some Read more

Feb 28

“That said, if The Walking Dead has taught us anything, it’s that humans facing an undead apocalypse can be even more dangerous than zombies.” Read more

Feb 26

“I don’t know what an ‘Indiana Jones’ is, and I don’t fucking care.”

Feb 26

Contra for the NES was an immensely big part of my childhood, and that code is seared into my brain forever. It’s such a great piece of gaming history. Read more

Feb 25

“I know almost nothing but I hate it!”

-Your average Star Wars fan, ladies and gents.

Feb 19

its crazy to think that just a couple of years ago i would have absolutely paid for this, would have pre-ordered as soon as possible...but after the Last Jedi debacle...i just don’t care anymore... Read more

Feb 19

OK, listen, everyone knows LotR is horrible trilogy. We promise we won’t make the same mistakes and keep up the standards you’re used to from he cinematic Masterpiece that was Halloween 2018.

Feb 7

The most fucked up thing is how ineffective the wall is. People have climbed it. Cut through it. Literally gone around it. The only thing the wall is good for, really, is saying “fuck you” to the brown people south of the US. Read more

Feb 5

Yes. And to say otherwise ignores at least a half dozen movies. Please stop with this.

Jan 23

You liked Captain Marvel more than Black Panther? That is a take.

Jan 16

I’ve now spent hours with the sequel characters and with the exception of Kylo Ren I barely know how they tick. I’ve spent a similar amount of time with Mando and feel like I know him.