Nov 12 2019

The death of Splinter and Deadspin have really f’d me up; I still come here a few times a day, hoping one of the remaining sites will emerge with an interesting political voice. It’s becoming clear that that’s not going to happen. Aside from io9, I’m having a hard time finding much value on the network to speak of. Read more

Oct 31 2019

I just learned via social media that most of our beloved Deadspin writers have quit and that this network of sites is effectively dead. Read more

Oct 30 2019

- What the Deadspin writers did yesterday is LEGENDARY. It will - quite seriously - be long-remembered in the oral history of the internet. They successfully exposed Jim Spanfeller et al as douchebags across mediums ranging from small podcasts to the CNN homepage. Just unbelievable. Read more

Sep 30 2019

I, for one, am not terrified by the prospect of Trump supporters starting a new Civil War. The majority are old; most are woefully uneducated. Both are demographics that are traditionally easy to fool, and with the right bait they will be easily trapped and caged. Read more

Sep 26 2019

As Republicans line up to defend the actions depicted in this report, be sure to remember its details the next time they expose upon their undying commitment to the “rule of law.”

Aug 19 2019

At 38, you’re just a few short years away from not giving a flying fuck what people think of what you drink. Read more

Jun 21 2019

Really? It seems pretty on-brand for him. Right down to the tiny dick insinuation.

May 20 2019

Although it reached decent conclusions for all of the main characters, the finale epitomized the pacing issues that have plagued these final two seasons: There were four HUGE events crammed into this final entry that would’ve warranted a half-season arc in its prime. Read more

May 10 2019

The fact that party senators are expected to hold loyalty “to the president’s family” illustrates EXACTLY where our real problem lies.

Mar 1 2019

It was also fun to read article after article on this site about how the owners were colluding to criminally short-change the contracts of the players, only to see signings for $260 million, $300 million, and $330 million announced just days apart from each other.

Feb 7 2019

After writing this trash article, Paul should be banished to the Greys.

Jan 4 2019

Questlove is smart enough to realize this project is less “documentary” and more of a position piece that will arrive a previously establish conclusion. Projects such as this do not explore their subject, but instead serve as a series of proof points to support the feelings of the filmmaker. Read more