6:18 PM

Old time love for Breath of Fire 3 and 4. Those had the best fishing games I’d played as a minigame up till FF XV (which definitely deserves its place here). Read more

3:51 PM

I picked up Superbeat: Xonic for $0.89 too. It was just too good a value to pass up. I have yet to have the room to download it, but it’s mine, dammit.

My FAVORITE feature of the eShop (in relation to other digital storefronts) is the Wish List. More people should be raving about this, I’d absolutely love to have one Read more

2:18 PM

I admire Momochi’s adherence to his principles. I don’t know that I could turn down tens of thousands of dollars because of a moral objection to a problem that I was offered a free pass to ignore the rules of. He’s a man of the people and hopefully his sacrifice helps raise awareness and opens up professional gaming Read more

8:34 PM

True story: when we (Raven Software) first got this Star Wars game dev opportunity from LucasArts, they wanted us to do Dark Forces 3, NO Jedi. No lightsaber, no Force powers. I guess maybe they thought of us as an FPS studio only (I guess they hadn’t seen Heretic II... though, to be fair, nobody did).

6:52 PM

Marvel Studios has 11+ projects in active development and approximately 0 of them will be negatively affected by not being able to use Spider-Man. Every dollar of Sony’s success with a third reboot of Spider-Man is owed to him existing in the MCU. I’m not here to argue which multi-billion dollar megacorporation is in Read more

6:39 PM

This game was so fucking good. I loved it and never finished it. I hope people buy it, as the combat is a fucking delight.

12:26 PM

see if you can get an “” email address somehow??

7:24 PM

Don’t listen to the time traveler. The character dialogue and the plot blows the 3ds entries out of the water. And the many gameplay tweaks are all interesting.

6:56 PM

As someone who has been a big fan of the franchise since the first English release, I can give some good perspective on why Fire Emblem was on its deathbed when Awakenings came out; it largely comes down to a string of lackluster efforts from the developers that felt like they were just phoning it in for quite some Read more

8:27 PM

When I played persona 5, I decided that I wasn’t going to miss a single thing on my first play through, because I knew I wouldn’t want to spend another 80 hours just to see the rest, so I kicked the difficulty to baby mode, and used a literal step by step, minute to minute walk through to play it. And I don’t regret a Read more

10:20 AM

I never understood why so many people want Goku in smash. It makes no sense to me at all.

9:26 PM

I was just commenting elsewhere that Petra as a myrmidon wrecks face even better than Edel. I ran her through some crazy-ass stunts and she came out basically untouched after murdering everyone who tried to attack her.

5:01 PM

Black eagle was hard going in the first few missions, but I’ve leaned heavily into the whole magic thing, and my merry band is a wrecking crew. I’m starting to think magic is OP in this edition. At first I was surprised to see how few casts of things you get, but as you level you start getting more and more casts, Read more

4:55 PM

The biggest reason to pick the Black Eagles is because Petra is the best