Apr 23

Kazushige Nojima is the scenario writer here and one of the script writers as well. You might know him from one of his other works where he was scenario designer and writer: Final Fantasy VII.

You might also know Tetsuya Nomura from another work he was a writer(and character designer) on called Final Fantasy VII.

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Apr 23

I’ve been treating this game as if this was a “Final Fantasy XVI” instead of a “faithful” remake of the original game. This relieves me of any expectation and nagging feelings of trying to tie the original to the remake.
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Apr 4

Use fish bait and it removes eggs from the fishing loot table.

Jan 18

FINALLY. Spiritomb! This was one of the hardest pokemon to catch because you had to meet 32 people in the pokemon underground, which as a kid meant having 32 friends. And I feel like even for Children, thats a high bar. Read more

Jan 16

There was a new FE game of course the main character would be added to Smash. I don’t see how anybody wasn’t expecting it.

Oct 4

Old time love for Breath of Fire 3 and 4. Those had the best fishing games I’d played as a minigame up till FF XV (which definitely deserves its place here). Read more

Sep 17

I picked up Superbeat: Xonic for $0.89 too. It was just too good a value to pass up. I have yet to have the room to download it, but it’s mine, dammit.

My FAVORITE feature of the eShop (in relation to other digital storefronts) is the Wish List. More people should be raving about this, I’d absolutely love to have one Read more

Sep 16

I admire Momochi’s adherence to his principles. I don’t know that I could turn down tens of thousands of dollars because of a moral objection to a problem that I was offered a free pass to ignore the rules of. He’s a man of the people and hopefully his sacrifice helps raise awareness and opens up professional gaming Read more

Sep 5

True story: when we (Raven Software) first got this Star Wars game dev opportunity from LucasArts, they wanted us to do Dark Forces 3, NO Jedi. No lightsaber, no Force powers. I guess maybe they thought of us as an FPS studio only (I guess they hadn’t seen Heretic II... though, to be fair, nobody did).

Sep 5

Marvel Studios has 11+ projects in active development and approximately 0 of them will be negatively affected by not being able to use Spider-Man. Every dollar of Sony’s success with a third reboot of Spider-Man is owed to him existing in the MCU. I’m not here to argue which multi-billion dollar megacorporation is in Read more

Sep 4

This game was so fucking good. I loved it and never finished it. I hope people buy it, as the combat is a fucking delight.