5:27 PM

Having just rewatched the Mummy trilogy, that absolutely deserves a spot over AT THE VERY LEAST over The Rocketeer or Dick Tracy (both films that, like The Phantom and The Shadow, hold a dear place in my heart.) Read more

10:40 AM

I could easily believe this in the MCU. JJJ leverages fear of Spider-Man to rise up in NY politics. And sure, maybe the New York we know wouldn’t elect him...but after the Blip (and as Mysterio said) people are willing to believe anything right now. Read more

2:51 PM

For the most part during all this, the Doctorthen in their eighth incarnation—actively stayed out of fighting Read more

11:46 PM

So does this clear up Bill’s story? I always wondered how she “died” and became a digital memory in Testimony. Following her first(?) death, I thought her girlfriend turned her into a traveling space being and was essentially immortal.

8:58 AM

The incinerator scene. Jesus. There were small children in that theater that are probably still in therapy. Even after they were rescued and every one is ok, there was crying and whining for a while. My kid handled it alright, but I saw one woman take her sobbing son out and I don’t remember them coming back. I’m just Read more

8:33 AM

Apple and Google’s lawyers are there to make the company’s problems disappear but your assumption that the way they do that is by always crushing the opposition is way off base. They’ll pretty much always go for the path of least resistance. Or generally what costs the company the least amount of money. They aren’t Read more