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Excellent! Reviving a blast from the past. I’ve got so much pleasure-reading to do tonight.
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Figures. I always think I’ve got a hot take, and somebody beats me to it. Case in point:

That’s why they call him Baby Gaetz. Read more

I think he did that already, and more than once

I 100% guarantee that when Maxine Waters walks in the room, he says “that black bitch walked in” under his breath. Read more

Oh, how I wish it had been this batch of cretins who rushed Area 51. Read more

Who’d have thunk throwing the entire readership into the grays would have dampened audience participation? Read more

I’m Native American. So is Elizabeth Warren. Read more

Yes, the reason why I’m worried Trump will get a second term isn’t any segment of the black electorate, it’s the way white women* dropped the ball the last time and despite Trump being an epic racist, sexist, warmongering troll so many of us seem to still be looking at him like he’s not so bad. I didn’t realize so Read more

Elizabeth Warren is the Lisa Simpson of getting elected after President Trump fucks it all up.
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“ least he’s been a Democrat his whole life, unlike Liz who found religion a little late in life.” Read more

Are you going to vote for Warren when she’s the nominee? Read more

I like that Liz has real plans for handling student debt and is a wonky nerd concerned with the details. Who else is going to undo alllllll the damage dRumpf has done in every dept at the molecular level from Day 1?!  Read more

Source? You’ve posted some pretty sketchy anti-Warren stuff here in the past, so it’s hard to take you on your word.
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And, I mean, the law of conservation of matter still holds... all the egg is still there, plus more. So where do they go when you inhale seventy-two of them before dinner? Wrinkle in time? Read more


The capitalist irony of it is just as tasty. He hates when people get free stuff!