Nov 2

Kid stuck inside for 40 minutes with no fob working? For me that would 40 seconds until heavy object meets window.
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Jul 30

If a 99 Honda can take a few curb hits over 10 years and not crumple into scrap, what the fuck is a Tesla’s excuse?

Jul 30

If a little “curb contact” busts a ball joint or breaks a control arm, your car is a piece of shit. Go walk down your street and you’ll probably find curb rash on 9 out of 10 sets of wheels. Then note how many of them also have busted ball joints.

Jul 28

Yup, I've mentioned this before, but buying a mid-sizr is like paying $1.79 for the 20 oz coke at the convenience store when the 2L bottle is on sale for $1.89.  You buy the smaller one because it fits your cupholder and is much more convenient, despite being a poor value compared to the 2L coke.

Jul 28

I just signed for mine an hour ago, though I went for an XLT instead. And I’m moving from a 2011 Ranger Sport 4x4 to the 2020 XLT Sport 4x4. I took the new one for a spin to check it out before going in to start the paperwork, and having literally jumped out of the old Ranger and into a new one, here’s what I noticed: Read more

Jul 13

Looks like it, thanks! Seems that the best way to get more granular details is to click on a specific trim level, and then use the dropdowns for specs, packages, etc. Read more

Jul 8

I am referring to the proposal in this post that Ford stop building police cars. That is, frankly, idiotic. Read more

Jun 18

I’ve been a landlord, and as long as David is paying his rent on time, not breaking stuff beyond normal wear and tear, and not getting the cops called to his house he’d be a better tenant than any I’ve ever had. In fact, if I were the landlord, I’d let him store as many damn cars on that property as he likes, and I’d Read more

Jun 3

Anyone want to explain the glorious white Defender lurking in the background of some of these images?

Mar 9

As a fan of 10 year old used cars, I hate struts. Huge pain to replace. Gimmie the trusty prop any day of the week.

Mar 3

How did you write an entire post about this car, and all of its insane specifications, and not even mention the Freevalve technology it will be using?!

Jan 24

That was the answer today too, but it was phrased more diplomatically.