May 13

May I present the Volkswagen up! which not only does this beautifully but weighs 150-300lbs less than a Fiat 500 and comes in a 117HP/150ft-lb turbocharged GTI model. Sadly, we have to wait 20 more years to get them in the US.

May 9

Nah. All they have to do is make him “Chief Futurist” or some other bullshit title that has no power but lets him keep his twitter account. That way they can put someone in charge who actually understands how to run a profitable and growing global manufacturing company, but also gets to take advantage of his cult.

Apr 6

Please star this post if you think “M3” should only ever be used for the iconic BMW model, and never be used to refer to the Tesla Model 3.

Apr 6

This. In my initial post I said - cram all the safety gear in. They just have to find a way to build a factory shaped/drivetrain set up car. The car companies have some pretty smart engineers, they’ll figure it out if they want to keep racing. There is no reason they can’t build in an intense level safety cage inside Read more

Apr 3

It would be a riot to see actual stock car racing come back into fashion. 

Apr 3

While I disagree with taxing the fuck out of anything I’m fine if we let a few companies die to teach the others a lesson. We bailed them all out last time and here we are a decade later with all of them asking for money again. Its becoming the new norm. The car market in particular is a pretty overloaded space. There’ Read more

Apr 3

No it shouldn’t return in that form. It destroyed the bottom end of the used car market which forced the average price of a used car upward. Notice how you can’t get a variety of beat up but well running vehicle for less than $3000+? It also an incentive to push more people into 100 month loans (exaggeration) on a Read more

Apr 3

1st Gear: You get a bailout! You get a bailout! Everybody gets a bailout!! Read more

Apr 3

Cash for Clunkers. Let’s incentivize people to make a large credit purchase in an unstable economic situation. What could go wrong?

Mar 27

Tell that bum awhattup to stop at bad commenting. He’s like Comcast. We’re looking at reopening the country in days, maybe even hours. I want churches full of dead people by Easter. Tell CNN I’m winning at disease. I have a 10 year old son and I plan to find out what he looks like in the coming days. I probably will Read more

Mar 27

Nope. Does it move? then use it for now. This situation is going to not only last for months at least but worsen far beyond how it is right now. The economy will tank for a long time too. I’d save everything that I can to get through this and be able to start strong when things are clear. Read more

Mar 25

I was lucky to have great landlords for nearly 8 years in the same place - not much upkeep on their end, but they were fine reimbursing me for anything I needed to do, and they never raised my rent. (Eventually they both died & their daughter stuck it out for a while, but offers from developers were too much to Read more