Aug 6

Probably because the IDEA of making your own Mario levels is a bit less daunting than the REALITY of making one that's actually good.

Jul 13

NES Advantage.  The turbo button and the nice big buttons and good solid joystick were amazing as a kid, and didn’t have the harsh square corners the standard NES controller did.  I remember just having fun playing the first Final Fantasy with my feet for a while because I could, it was great!

Jun 5

the real answer is to change the laws to not require front plates.

Jun 4

Kudos to the skid steer operator, that was a far gentler drop than could have been expected.

May 25

But does it play All-Star the entire time he’s chasing you?
These are critical details that cannot be overlooked. 

May 13

Just because the characters are prettier doesn’t make their personalities and constant catchphrases any less irritating. And the game is still padded with a seemingly endless assortment of inane side quests. Read more

Mar 26

Theyll just spin directly into the hospitals. Cuts out the middle man

Mar 26

In other news: Mustangs everywhere have no crowds to spin out into.