That’s at least a little different becayse that's a live action movie, where the faces matter Read more

I can think of exactpy one thing that blockchain could be used for, and it’s reselling of digital games by the consumer. But we know that it’ll never happen. Because if people can easily buy a “used” digital game off of the internet for $5 from the thousands of people that have finsished that game and want a quick buck Read more

Russia *looooves* planting extremist stuff. It’s like, their personal pastime for when they don’t like someone Read more

My family has said "seems pretty sus" or suspect, for a long time, but the word has defibitely hit "mainstream" Read more

Mn, I walked into a Gamestomo last month, and realized that there’s now literally no reason to walk into a Gamestop. If I want cheaper physcial games used, *maybe*, but that only works for PS or XBOX games, which I don’t play. I used to walk in there for older games or used accessories, but they completely got rid of Read more

They've definitely moved away from Ken Sugimori's style, which I have mixed feelings about.  Read more

SERIOUSLY. What's with ALL the Pokémon being human shaped for the last two gens. It annoys me greatly.  Read more

They do realize the original “Nintendo generation” are pushing their 50s now, right? Even my brother who grew up with an N64 is early 30s Read more

She sounds like a tough lady, and I'm glad she made it out okay. Read more

Oh. I was thinking that this was talking about a new version of skyblock where you had to carefully navigate between small planets hanging over nothing Read more

Maybe they thought that dressing up in traditional attire of cultures that aren’t their own as white people would’ve been 10x worse. Read more

Waaat?? Are you saying that screeching death threats puts people on edge and demotivates them for making content for these goblins to enjoy?? Crazy. Read more

Pleeeease don’t get a $50 tablet. I’m all for android, but there was a several yesr period where all my elderly relatives would get a super cheap tablet on sale, and come up to me like “can you fix this?” No Aunt Ruth. I cannot fix it. Read more

Pleeeease don’t get a $50 tablet. I’m all for android, but there was a several yesr period where all my elderly

It took them*sooo* long to localize it. I kinda get why, but it's fallen off the radar for a bunch of people because of it Read more

The last trailer convinced me to get back into Kirby, then I saw it comes out the same day as Rune Factory 5. Waah. Maybe April will be clear. On the bright(?) side, I won't have the ability to play Forbidden West for a while Read more

Maybe I’m not one to talk, because I’m currently typing on a Dell keyboard that my mother got 20 years ago with her first desktop, but like... What does a $400 keyboard get you that a $100 one doesn’t? ... RGB? Is it just RGB? I mean, I need a new keyboard some day, but I was thinking of splurging and getting a $60 Read more

Hmmm. It depends on what copy of the game you have. I’m not sire why, but some discs will never run. Downloading the game files off the internet can be more reliable than using the disc’s installer. Read more

Oregon Trail 2 is one of my favorite games still. Lots of nostalgic memories of playing with my friend. It also doesn’t have compatibility issues like 3-5 have. I can still run it on a modern computer with a little bit of fiddling. Read more

I still totally enjoy listening to the original. I don’t enjoy the sped up version like my 8-year old self did. The sped up version is a nostalgic but very dated relic. The original version is unironically good though. Read more

Dangit, man! I just got that song out of my head! Read more