4/29/17 11:37AM

“Since license plates are the property of the Crown, there is no appeal process.” Read more

4/28/17 10:23AM

Too late, the noxious meme has been pumped into the dead-ender closed-loop ecosystem, where it will linger until the heat death of the universe. It is now beyond our reach, and it’s our job to recognize that arguing with your uncle or your redneck high school classmate about it on Facebook is wasted time in its purest Read more

4/20/17 10:28PM

Years ago, my Fox News-watching dad came over for a visit and gave my son Bill O’Reilly’s book for teenagers. My son said “Thanks Grandpa” and after my folks went home, my kid tossed the book in the garbage. He was 14.

4/20/17 5:22PM

If you own one of these machines, or invested money in it, your right to vote should be taken away because you are fucking idiot.

4/20/17 10:59AM

Part of me knows that battleships are both impractical and just as vulnerable to air attack, and the current doctrine has done away with such gunships, but part of me also wants to see these big floating fortresses get backup from big, bad, 9-barrel motherfuckers similar to Missouri and Iowa. Read more

4/20/17 9:14AM

They back down every time, no matter who is president. This isn’t exactly a thing. It’s like saying “remember, the Sun DID come up, just as Trump predicted.”

4/19/17 10:30PM

This is and has been my take away. It drives me crazy that they refuse to see that it’s also their right to not have you there. You’re free to speak elsewhere.

4/19/17 10:25PM

“I’m an American. I have constitutional rights.”

4/19/17 10:19PM

It’s exactly what I expected. But it’s disheartening that he has so many supporters.