Sep 2 2018

I’d say that’s ok.  Essentially, it’s his fault, but since he was the only one that suffered, no further penalty seemed appropriate.  Therefore, call it a racing incident.

Aug 23 2018

I’m a millennial, and i see it, not in my peers(remember that millennials are 36-22 now), but in the younger people who are just entering the workforce. They’ve never had a job, drive a hand-me-down car that’s no less than 5 years old, and have zero motivation to live in their own because their millennial/gen-x Read more

Dec 27 2017

Huh? Why wouldn’t the marketing department set the targets? Don’t you want to engineer your product towards what customers want?

Dec 7 2016

The pictures in this review look shopped, there’s no COEXIST bumper sticker and we all know that’s standard equipment on every outback

Nov 14 2016

As cool as all the celebrity voices are, they dont give street names making it pretty useless.

Sep 13 2016

Next you’re going to tell me I can’t fix a shitty dinner by punching someone in the face...

Aug 22 2016

You dont understand how funny this was to me

Aug 15 2016

I’m sure they’ll charge the Camry driver with attempted vehicular manslaughter.

Aug 15 2016

Since the Camry driver was a minority, the police department will find him at fault.

Aug 15 2016

You’re asking if the black guy or police officer is liable? Is this some kind of trick question? Read more

Aug 15 2016

What a shit world we live in when the guy who wasn’t at fault in that wreck thinks he needs to put his hands behind his head just so he doesn’t get shot.

Aug 12 2016

That’s kind of because out there it feels more like you need a car. And since a lot of the houses have driveways street parking may not be quite as competitive as areas like Park Slope. Although parking late at night in the winter in Bay Ridge was hell.

Aug 8 2016

The irony is that India was at war with the Taliban back when the United States was still inviting the Taliban to dinners at the White House.

Jul 8 2016

Williamsburg was already “populated and built up” as a distinct area before all the Mid-westerners play-acting line NYer’s moved in. Read more

Jun 22 2016

Every single one of you who says they wouldn’t take any of these for free is either a liar or a massive sack of douche with a giant ego problem. A free car is a free car, and I can think of an entertaining use for every single car on this list.

Jun 3 2016

This is why when i drive, i think that almost everyone on the road is a complete moron and have to drive very defensively. Which where i live is unfortunately true. Been rear ended 3 times & t boned once, all 4 drivers were either illegal aliens, a tweaker meth head or both, who had no license or insurance.

Jun 3 2016

Exactly. It’s infuriating how many people are oblivious to everything. I’m in a group for Toyobaru enthusiasts, and every day someone posts photos of their wrecked car, with an explanation of how it “wasn’t their fault.”

It takes two people to have an accident. Someone doing something stupid, and someone else not Read more