2:48 PM

Have not read X-Men in probably over 10 years. Heard about this series and gave it a shot. This is really breathing new life into the X-Men world. I'm going to miss all of this when this all inevitably gets retconned.

1:50 PM

As ugly as the NASCAR Mustang is, the Supercars Mustang is the ugliest thing in racing history. 

11:38 AM

I wish KD or LeBron or anyone would just come out and say it; Dolan is the reason they didn’t come. Dolan is the reason no one will ever come. Dolan is the reason KP wanted out. That would at least give me some shred of hope that we might contend again once Dolan dies.

8:16 AM

If you’ve wanted to play this game for 22 years and haven’t, then any spoilers you read are on you. This isn't a movie that came out a week or two ago. It's 22 freaking years old. It's old enough to drink 

3:42 PM

Are you seriously complaining about spoilers for a game that came out in 1997? If you wanted to play this game for 22 years and still haven't, then any spoilers you read about are your fault.

3:41 PM

As someone who didn’t really like Aeris and is a card-carrying member of Team Tifa, I have no problem living this again. I also hope we further flesh out how Aeris only liked Cloud for his resemblance to Zack. As a big Crisis Core fan, Zack and Aeris were clearly meant to be together, which, as we saw in Advent Read more

4:21 PM

Unlike most of the keyboard warriors on here, I would actually buy this car and buy it new. I have a family and I need something that has some power and is practical. That’s why I have a 2014 Forester XT. Yes it has a CVT, and no I’m not complaining about it because I’m fine with it. I don’t go on track days, I just Read more

3:06 PM

I used to get so excited for new Top Gear episodes back in the Final Gear torrenting days. Over time, the shows (TGUK, TG America, Grand Tour) have all gotten so old, repetitive, and even boring to me. The last time I remember being entertained by a car show, it was the old version of Top Gear USA with Tanner Faust Read more

3:11 PM

What is considered “taking it easy?” My winter mornings are usually right at the freezing mark or right below. I start my car, idle for about 10 seconds, put it in Drive and accelerate as lightly as I can, which usually keeps me at around 2,500 rpm or below, since my car idles and revs higher when cold. Is that fine? 

3:56 PM

It’s because the USDM 2.5L in the STI hasn’t really gotten any development, since it’s only used here. The JDM 2.0L is used everywhere else and gets much bigger power bumps.

9:14 AM

I first heard of Sophia earlier this year as someone climbing up the junior Formula ranks in Europe, and have been following her on social media. My heart sank when I saw this crash waking up this morning. At first, I thought she couldn’t have survived. Hope she can make a full recovery, but I’m thinking it’s going to Read more

9:13 PM

Nothing says Soviet like outlandishly bad Italian accents

1:59 PM

Where do you work because that sounds like a place I'd buy a car from

2:25 PM

I drive a 2014 Forester XT, and it seems like my kind are even less than the 5 percent claimed. I see tons of Foresters every day, but maybe another XT only once every few weeks. Read more

4:28 PM

These things are cool as hell, but you simply cannot drive these in any urban areas, like someone said, you’ll get all the wrong attention from both sides of the law

5:22 PM

I actually see one of these once every couple of days in the NYC metro area. I always think it’s an MKZ until I see the cool integrated-into-the-window-trim door handles.

3:37 PM

The regulations in the BTCC as well as for other similar touring car series (WTCR, etc.) require that the cars are based on 4/5-door models.