My niece played softball in high school and hated it by the time she was a senior because of coaches and parents (no her parents). She’s doing intramural sports in college and enjoying the heck out of it. Read more


I really hope at some point we’re going to have a national discussion about how literally all competitive sports organizations in this country have become sick, voyeuristic, dysfunctional messes that commodify and destroy lives, bodies, and brains so that the masses can sit in their armchairs and watch young people Read more


NPR had a piece last weekend talking about how the culture of elite women’s gymnastics (which is really “girls” gymnastics) tells girls “you aren’t really hurt,” or “you’re not hungry, you need to lose weight.” Girls are conditioned from their entry into the sport to discredit their own feelings and experiences, Read more

That tweet makes me furious. “We made all our board members resign (note: we didn’t fire them) not because it was the right thing to do, but because the USOC forced us to. We’d also like to thank them for their many years of service and acknowledge their effort in covering up serial child molestation.” Read more

Noooo, PLEASE don’t do this. I did some findom back in the day, and the market has already been flooded by clueless sugar baby wannabes who don’t understand this is sex work and not just sitting online raking in cash. 99% of them wash out quickly once they realize there’s actual work involved, but it still devalues Read more

Ex-professional dominatrix here. I had a few findom clients but chose not to focus my practice around it. I found that the guys can be REALLY high maintenance. People often think findom is an easy, no effort way to make money (a mistake people make about sex work in general) but it is NOT. Read more

Warning: submissive men who go in for this are The Worst.
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Because it gives him a chance to relive it in loving detail. Like how the story about the “accidental” touching absolutely had to include details like it was a blue blouse, slit up the back. The first time I read his description, it gave me the impression that he can just feeeel that hand sliding over that soft and Read more

DEAR LORD, his Facebook page. Read more

Yes. I accidentally touched a co-worker’s butt (through his clothes) while we were working in tight quarters. He said “Woah now”, I said “Oh my god, I’m so sorry, that was a complete accident”, we laughed kinda awkwardly, and then it was over. I was technically his superior, so I felt it especially important that I 1) Read more

Yep. I’d turn five different shades of red and stutter and stammer out an apology and there’d be no doubt that it was a mortifying accident. Read more

He’s been posting insufferable posts on Facebook (I haven’t unliked his page because it’s like watching a train wreck), and today he actually posted the “off-color limerick” and I could see how some might think it’s harmless. Read more

I knew it! In his statement, he said the story of his relationship with the woman is “much more interesting” than the one that was being told *and* also said that nothing really happened. I get that his idea of interesting is probably different than most, but how can nothing really happen and have an interesting Read more

Why did he apologize in an email? That’s weird. If I was standing next to a colleague and went pat her on the back and my had went up into her shirt I would immediately pull back and apologize. And since it was an accident, she would probably just say no problem and that would be that. Read more

Many, many Twin Cities musicians participated on that show, and rehearsals were often at Keillor’s home. Every new female participant was warned to not find herself in a room alone with him. Read more

Does anyone else get the impression that “gay up until the point of intercourse” means, “I hate women, but goddamnit, I want to have sex with women”?  Read more

he published a book called Straight James/Gay James, which included musings about identity and sexuality, including lines like, “Hello woman, I’d like to be you./Not because I don’t enjoy my own man/ Body, my man strength, my man looks, / My man mind, but because I love yours/Even more.”
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