Feb 15

Not hating on Missouri, but it just doesn’t seem like the first place a Hyperloop should be. Not before LA/San Diego/Orange County to SF/Oakland/Silicon Valley, BosWash, the Texas Triangle, just to name a few. I know those are all significantly longer, but still.

Feb 15

EVERYONE has missed the “nail in the coffin”.. ROAD CROSSINGS. This thing will have to either be 20ft in the air or under ground, or it will need hundreds of bridges for every road that goes thru I70..

May 21 2019

Wow!  This cop is lucky to be alive.  Usually train vs. automobile accidents end up with the motorists remains being scooped up with a shovel.

May 21 2019

Never own a German car that’s older than you were in third grade.

May 19 2019

There is ALWAYS an excuse. “If this car was $10k cheaper!” “If it had option X or more power!” “It weighs too much!” Read more

May 19 2019

Jalopnik commenters: “If automakers would just offer more manuals, they’d see that people are willing to buy these cars!” Read more

May 18 2019

Never trust a man with financial accounting who can’t calculate his own daily caloric needs and intake.

May 18 2019

One of my old bosses was 6'3" or so and he said the same thing about it being awkward. He preferred women who were at least 5'10". You’d think the women would feel it to be awkward, too, but [throws up hands] I don’t know. To each their own, but it’s strange it’s such a common thing. Luckily for my short sister, she Read more

May 18 2019

It does seem like Elon needs to do a bit of belt-tightening across the board.

May 17 2019

The height thing is weird. I’d hear and see that all the time from women that they wanted 6' or taller (I’m on the line) and I always thought of the great guys I knew who were shorter than me. OK, maybe if the woman is tall, I guess I could understand that, but plenty of women who were maybe 5' in heels would say this Read more