Kenny and the Llamas
Dec 12 2018

Yeah, I’m going to leave my post as a mea culpa. I didn’t know all about her when I posted that. Haven’t been around as much and I just missed her background. Read more

Dec 12 2018

Honestly, Rich should ether her for this. I’m going up and down the comments de-greying people who agree with her, because her central point is very true. But I’m really tired of people assuming their right to that word based on being pro-gay rights.
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Dec 12 2018

Now, do you mean the Cherokee, Muscogee, et al from the Trail of Tears or do you mean the Lakota and Dakota peoples? Or the various Southwestern tribes? I mean, any way you slice it it’s not “only once.” Read more

Dec 8 2018

Bigotry is not a “point of view” that we need to “see”. It is bigotry. And neither of you would be defending it if his “point of view” was anti-gay or racist. Read more

Dec 8 2018

So, to review: Molest kids and you get moved, hidden, lied for, covered up, protected. For years. By everyone, all the way to the top. Read more

Dec 6 2018

Well, if Goldschmidt came with more team control you’d have to give up a main page plus. Say Deadspin or Splinter with some subs from the other sites- The Slot and Cosplay, maybe. Read more