Well, that’s certainly....a name.

Quelle suprise. Par for the course in the world of Ohio energy systems. For decades, the Public Utilities Commission has appointed commissioners who are utility execs who want to get into politics or politicians who want executive positions with or spots on utility boards. All decisions they made were in favor of the Read more

Came here to say the same thing. Damn good series. Very disturbing because it tracks with some similar issues and shenanigans exposed in the US’s recent past.

An 80 minute movie with 45 minutes of any actual interest, 35 of filler.

I wonder how many times a week Grenier has conversations that go something like: Read more

It’s a slippery slope. One day it’s circles, the next it’s pentagrams.

Same goes for (self-proclaimed) billionaire ex-presidents who receive a government pension, staff, office and travel allowances and a 24/7 security detail paid for by the American taxpayers (of which he isn’t one). Read more

Midge really does have that Michele Bachman, “someone else is driving” look in her eyes.

But having the court throw it out plays right into their “The courts are corrupt!” narrative.

It’s my right not to wear condoms! There’s no mention of them in the constitution!

I suspect her sleeve was rolled up within seconds of the Pfizer vaccine being OK’d for use. I wouldn’t be shocked if it was reported she pushed a few seniors out of her way to get to the head of the line.

This 12 hour suspension will give her three weeks of “First Amendment/I’ve been illegally censored” bitching material to spew.

Watching CA: The Winter Soldier, I got the impression that Natasha and Steve were friends with occasional benefits. Nothing is ever stated or even implied but I just kind of got that vibe.

“...a spokesperson for Fallon claimed he was “unfamiliar with how frequently members of Congress are required to file financial disclosures.” Read more

Allegedly. Remember, there’s also a prominent self-proclaimed, alleged billionaire running around who they worship.

It’s also being endorsed by Roger Stone so you know that all of your information will never be used for nefarious purposes.

No, because pushing the button would indicate that you believe the virus hoax and your device would be bricked by Freedom Phone.

Yes, but it’s the fastest growing app store in the industry!