10/29/20 5:26PM

It’s important to note that Purdue’s accusation that Ossoff supports “socialized medicine” means Ossoff supports cheaper and universally available healthcare for all people in the US. Read more

10/04/20 12:28PM

There is no statute of limitations on murder. It seems to me that a murder charge has never been brought before a grand jury. No double jeopardy. Read more

10/04/20 11:58AM

Fucker mislead the Grand Jury and is desperate not to have everyone hear it. He can’t even create a decent coverup.

9/20/20 2:32PM

Millennial progressives are fucking ignorant as all hell and their schtick is past annoying and tired at this point.

6/27/20 9:10AM

I appreciate that, but I’ve had 30 some odd years to think about it. I was not the hero she needed because I didn’t tell. I waited for her to tell, and she got the gut punch of not being believed.

My only excuse is I was 13 / 14 at the time, and I wasn’t mentally / emotionally prepared for any of it.

6/26/20 4:01PM

While I agree that you don’t want a different app for every restaurant, I have used the preferred way of ordering for my handful of favourite restaurants, if only because I still want them to be in business after a while. If you really like that acai bowl place, I’d think about how each order you make via DoorDash Read more

6/26/20 3:28PM

None of these “ disrupter” business models are supposed to be profitable. They just need to get big enough and hyped enough to cash out. Get an established company that sees them as “ the future” to buy them, go public with an I.P.O. and cash out, or trick a hedge fund into investing. Its we olde tymers call “a scam”. Read more

6/26/20 1:14PM

Of course they want to cram “In God we Trust” in the new design. Performative Xtianity FTW. Surprised they didn't put white Santa on it.
Read more

6/09/20 5:11PM

The BA videos have been one of the bright spots in these last few months, and anyone who’s watched more than a handful of episodes knows that Sohla and Gabby are goddamn treasures. That they weren’t getting compensated for their NUMEROUS appearances was ridiculous; that someone of Sohla’s background was making 50k in Read more

6/09/20 5:03PM

I only know the food side of it, but I’ve hard a lot of the same problems exist on the journalism side. Like, getting a good job generally means you worked a lot of unpaid internships or horribly compensated spots to “build your resume” in a way that a lot of people just can’t afford to do. Read more

6/09/20 4:21PM

This is way more powerful of a message than the standard corporate messaging that’s been filling my inbox. 

5/26/20 1:20PM

Which to me says a lot about the need to use such force. Because if the guy needed to be pinnned you would assume the officer would have needed to give his full attention.

5/24/20 3:04PM

People understandably get mad at squirrels taking birdseed because the seed is meant to attract birds for them to enjoy... Read more

5/24/20 12:09PM

It’s not murder, it’s indifferencide. Black people have died younger of pretty much everything it’s possible to die of. Black people have suffered more from less care for every long-term illness, risk factor and debilitating illness.

This is not new, just more acute version of the usual “don’t give a fuck”.