I only order by phone from my favourite restaurant because I want them to have more money. They are great and I like them. Why wouldn’t I take a tiny bit of extra time to help them out? Read more

He absolutely would have needed his fucking hands. Read more

THIS. It means, “hey if something happens call the cops or fire brigade and me” Read more

I’ll be honest all the evidence I needed was him quitting his job during a pandemic when he would have been on paid leave for months until the investigation was complete. If he were innocent no way he quits. Read more

I just find Delany very very annoying. I loved the sandwich one with Chey because I like her vibe but the deli one with Molly was obnioxious.  Read more

my only comment is her shoe choice is odd with her outfit. Read more

Look, some people will die because of as a side effect of the pandemic; heart attacks, strokes and other sudden medical emergencies don’t stop because of lockdown and they will have a lower survival rate because the healthcare system is at breaking point and people are less likely to want to go for urgent care in a Read more

she seems to oversalt everything too. Read more

People are dying at home of heart attacks, stroke and other serious sudden illnesses, they don’t stop because of Covid taking up all the hospital beds. People are either obeying lockdown rules so well they aren’t calling ambulances til too late or they aren’t able to get them as people with Covid are taking them. It’s Read more

Yep, thats the one that made me hallucinate and vomit every time I took it. So I stopped taking it and just risked getting malaria for 3 months.  Read more

this one is awful. The dude’s mother is immuno-suppressed and he won’t stay home? Read more

it would be fine if you could just quarantine the town. Fine don’t socially distance but no one can go in or out, but you know someone would sneak out get on a plane and infect people in another state before you know it. Read more

my dad was an alcoholic, it killed him. He never raised his hand to anyone. In fact when my brother was small he smacked him once as a punishment but cried afterwards because he hated doing it so much. It’s not alcohol. Read more

OH fuck, that was what that was? I read about it when the police were saying they didn’t know if it was a crash or something else worse but witnesses said the car was stationary when it was on fire. Poor fucking woman and poor kids. And that poor bystander who got 3rd degree burns trying to pull those kids out. Read more

doesn’t your average 12 year old boy get sexually excited by a stiff wind? Read more

No fuck that, even if he doesn’t get money, playing it makes people think about it. Then maybe they go home and play it. Wipe it off the face of the earth. Fucking all of it, the Rolling Stones can go too, the Who fuck them all. Read more

the Willis girls too. All three of them but Rumer especially. Read more


we played the Ok game at school but these were all above the waist and the context of the gesture has changed completely. That’s the important thing, what this gesture means when flashed like this has changed into a racist one. Read more

I’m pretty sure he got some talks back when he disgraced them with his dodgy deals with the Saudis. And when he and Fergie divorced. Read more