Feb 5 2016

This is perhaps not the best place or time for it, but can I say how much I dislike the idea of “preferred” names or pronouns? My name is my name. My pronouns are my pronouns. I demand them, I don't prefer them, and if you use the wrong ones, we will have a problem.

Jan 14 2016

Who is going to secure our freedom from the tyranny of off beat clapping? Certainly not Trump.

Jan 11 2016

Yeah they did kind of go rogue this year, with Mozart in the Jungle and Wolf Hall and whatnot. I like the Globes for the way they honor comedies, and I found it disappointing that they let the Martian game that. Happy that they went rogue for Mr. Robot though, because that show is great. Regarding DiCaprio, though:

Dec 29 2015

My ex was finally diagnosed by the female therapist he had charmed with severe NPD after I sent her some emails he sent me where he had raged out over inconsequential things, seriously inconsequential, like not having the remote in the correct place. Then he came home and raged out at me for narcing on him.

Dec 28 2015

Talk about it. I was with a guy with BPD for 3 years, he was emotionally abusive and I am the sort of woman that NO ONE would believe would end up in a relationship like that. Read more

Dec 28 2015

After being in a relationship with someone with BPD and learning all sorts about personality disorders, I’m pretty sure ALL people who do this sort of thing all have PDs and unfortunately ya can’t fix those.

Dec 28 2015

Yeah great comic, inovative, genius. He also beat the shit out of women, almost killed a wife. Doesn’t take away from his work, but he’s probably not the best example to use in this context.

Dec 28 2015

I am so glad she’s speaking out. The feeling of having to hide your experience for fear of looking weak, like an idiot and/or pathetic is so strong and something I’m still dealing with years after divorcing my abuser. Read more

Nov 25 2015

I know it’s very un-PC to be embarrassed at the stuff other Black folks do just ‘cuz you share the same skin color as they do. Read more