Kelly Cardigan
2 hrs ago

Front squats are the only squats I do — because you can power clean the bar into position (and I don’t have a rack at home). That’s means I do sub-optimal weights a lot of time, but it also keeps me honest about getting a heavy bar off the ground. Read more

4:11 AM

Naruto had some genuinely excellent fight sequences (some of my fav key animators were involved/got their big breaks w/ that show), but I dunno about a statement like “some of the best fights in anime”. It was good for a weekly shounen show, but it wasn’t all THAT, esp. when we’re talking about a Studio Pierrot

5:06 AM

The title is trending on Twitter! Talk about the best time and article for this to happen. Michael Harriot is getting it DONE.

1:36 AM

And, BTW, I don’t think the first part of his sentence is actually inherently incorrect; I wouldn’t even necessarily call it a lie, because he might actually believe it. Everyone can more easily make a goal become real if there is some kind of visual representation of the complete project.
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1:26 AM

There is nothing he can say to me that would make me vote for him in the primaries, though, should he win, I’d walk across broken glass to vote for him. Read more

9:50 PM

He’s nothing more than Log Cabin Republican. And he knows nothing about Black people. And Castro, a superior candidate, who actually understands black people is barely getting any traction.

8:57 PM

I hear you. I was the first or only black person so many times that I was truly surprised when I wasn’t. Keep up the good work Michael. Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be Black Excellence.  Besides, it drives the rednecks crazy.

8:39 PM

higher education is a lonely place as a minority. When I was working on my PhD, I was the only ethnic minority (I am a brown guy, incidentally) in my entire program. Read more

8:21 PM

“It proves men like him are more willing to perpetuate the fantastic narrative of negro neighborhoods needing more role models and briefcase-carriers than make the people in power stare into the sun and see the blinding light of racism.”

8:13 PM

They believed in you and it really speaks to what they saw in you. Look at you now. You have a whole lot of people that are so thankful for you. Keep writing truth to power and we will continue to read, learn, and grow. 

4:48 PM

The basic idea is this: you grab the weight and rip it off the ground so hard that it flies up past waist level, maybe higher Read more

11:09 PM

Nothing's better than to dunk an Oreo in milk after a murder.