Kelly Cardigan
4:43 PM

23,000 included movies but they make it impossible to find a single one to watch with their UI design!

2:15 PM

Of course you can climb up walls if they’re covered in honey! That’s just basic physics!

1:54 PM

Unrelated to this article at all, I just learned that paper of record Splinter News [dot] Com is shuttering forever. What’s worse, it sounds like all of the writers and editors here are out of work unless they apply for jobs at other G/O Media websites, which is an evil and anti-labor downsizing tactic (good luck to

1:27 PM

Now, now, Donald Trump has totally destroyed and obliterated the Economy of Turkey every Thanksgiving for like, 35 years. The Economy Turkey is a great deal and he always bargains the butcher down a few extra cents per pound! TOTALLY OBLITERATED!!!!

4:18 PM

I lift in the morning. I have a pretty dialed-in food schedule that works for me on lifting days.

Typically eat 2 eggs, 150g cooked (short-grain) white rice, and 8oz of strawberry kefir. I’ll often throw whatever veggies I have kicking around into the bowl with the eggs, and sometimes I add natto.

Intra-Workou Read more

3:41 PM

I look forward to C3pO running into an old friend and dropping this bombshell:
“Goodness! (FRIEND’S NAME HERE)! It is I, C-3PO. You probably don’t recognize me because of the red eyes.”

And then of course, the inevitable comic that explains the red eyes that comes out after the movie. He got them in memory of a friend, Read more

7:15 PM

I think the real question here is:
Is Mayor Pete actually Difficulty II?

These are the real questions that require serious investigative reporting to figure out!

10:29 AM

Friendly reminder that the House has sent some absurd number (I heard 200+ but don’t know if that’s true) of bills to the Senate and Mitch McConnell has refused to take action on any of them.

The House is capable of pursuing legislation and impeachment at the same time, and in fact, they are! The Republican controlled Read more

10:20 AM

Tremendous lies. The most beautiful lies you’ve ever heard! The lies are so great you could even say they’re the truth. Some people are saying it!

9:45 AM

He should definitely go with the face tattoo option. I’d imagine if he gets his initials someplace visible nobody will make this mistake again...

11:32 AM

When I am doing olympic lifts and/or drills rest periods are spent watching the video of my form and noting what needs adjustment and/or on focus and visualization for my next set. Read more

3:48 PM

This. Don’t wipe barbells or dumbbell handles. It’s not good for them to get wiped with sanitizer all the time! The gym should clean them periodically as part of routine equipment maintenance (but... who knows with a lot of gyms).

Benches / mats / cardio equipment etc. — wipe it!

12:38 PM

It’s not overdose specifically, but cannabis / hemp / marijuana allergy does exist, and allergic reactions to exposure can include anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis can certainly kill you, but you’ll probably notice if your throat starts to swell up before you get too high to do something about it. Read more

10:54 AM

When that snek popped its head out of the bowl next to your hand it was just hoping for a snoot boop. Why would you deny the boop?!?!

4:05 PM

Can somebody convince the Q-Anon conspiracy people that Trump nominated Kavanaugh to serve on SCOTUS to push him into the limelight in order to ensure that he’d face justice for his serial sex offenses that he’d gotten away with up until now? That it’s really good guy Trump using his power to expose the criminals by Read more