Sep 30

I like to think that before the sex, before the branding, even before the Ponzi scheme, Keith Raniere just wanted to play volleyball. And also show off his super cool headband and his aged ground beef beard.

Sep 10

That’s the kind of cleanser I use too! Different brand (mine is just a nivea brand) but the oil-to-milk type. It doesn’t feel oily to me afterwards but everyone’s comments have maybe wonder if they do leave my skin more oily than it necessarily would need/want 🤔 Read more

Sep 9

Ugh, those laws sound awful! I’m so sorry that they seem to have just recently made those into law. I think last I read, cis queer couples here do have to have the non gestational partner adopt the baby, but funny enough it left a loophole for trans/cis couples to not have to. I hope that laws can be pushed further Read more

Aug 26

The first letter write reminds me of the United Nations building, except all the flags are red.

Aug 24

I think the obvious thing here is for you to get a tattoo of a mouse.

Jul 24

It’s... fine I guess. Milka is also fine. The Ritter rum-raisin one is often sold out at my work sadly. Read more

Jul 14

There’s a great company called Venus Matters that makes beautiful mats for period sex, as well as vaginas that squirt. (I don’t work for them or anything, just think it’s a wonderful way to celebrate the mess.)

There’s a great company called Venus Matters that makes beautiful mats for period sex, as well as vaginas that

Jul 1

It is just a different mode of expressing desire that prefers simplicity over complication. Read more

Jun 26

Too bad you can’t earn bonus miles from that package! Although, frequent flier miles aren’t a great bonus at the moment... Read more

Jun 9

Yeah. I've really never been invisible like this. It's new to me. And my relationship is open, but women won't really date me since I am dating man. In fact, when I tell.people I am going through a divorce and I am dating men and women, they assume I was married to a man. One guy even asked if I left my husband Read more

Apr 27

The one thing I know about buying blenders is that you want the one that weighs the most. That means it has a really tough motor in there. Mine weighs enough that I need two hands to lift it and it’s lasted almost twenty years.

Apr 24

I was about 9-10 when the Tony Danza movie She’s Out of Control came out. I watched it with my dad and at one point he said, “dont ever do this to me,” and it made me really uncomfortable because I didn’t know what the girl had done wrong. Date? Grow up?