Oct 20

Because the census is an essential task for the country and dictates how funds are allocated, districts, and electoral votes. That and provided you actually filled out your census online they won’t stop by. Read more

Oct 20

I know you want to do something nice, but the CDC, health experts, and many states are asking people to just skip trick or treating this year. The slides won’t do much to stop the spread.

Oct 5

As someone who was ghosted, I will agree. We were talking about my quilting my job and moving to be with her when she started her new job then she went to help out family and nothing. For months. No response to email, text, or calls. Read more

Aug 4

D&D 5E seems like one of the worst possible fits for this. I imagine it’s all licensing and ownership issues and nobody really made the CHOICE to make it with D&D so much as that right was purchased, but... eugh. I can think off the top of my head of a half dozen systems that would be a better fit for it.

Mar 10

Yeah, Italy just quarantined itself to make Trump look bad. Sure.

Aug 15 2019

I wear headphones because I didn’t like it in the past when people approached me out of nowhere and I don’t like it now and I’m fucking delighted that etiquette has shifted to make this the default. Read more

Aug 15 2019

Be that by wearing headphones so you can rudely ignore someone’s request for the time or directions, or this false pompousness of trying to prove you’re better and more important than anyone else you encounter. Read more

Aug 13 2019

YES! I wanted to preserve my kids’ posture and comfort, and picked up several of their heaviest textbooks for a song. I might have spent $20 altogether, for a full year of no complaints about the backpack, and no forgetting books at school, and the ability to post-it easily.

Aug 13 2019

Honestly, Squall’s character growth is the best part of this game (unless you’re more into batshit anime plotlines and twists, then that’s on another level). I really hope that this remaster helps to rehab this game’s image. Yes, it’s a game that’s entire battle system can be twisted and broken on a whim, not Read more

Jul 26 2019

No, you should not “just accept” that. Your language shows a bit more of your intention than you would like. Imagine the ostracism in a group setting. You look like you’re 20, but you’re actually 29, you have the legal documentation to back it up, but some Paladin who “errs on the side of caution” means that you can’t Read more

Jul 26 2019

This is insane. It’s not an “unusual out of state ID”, it’s her official fucking government issued driver’s license.  The writer, and Salty, weren’t advocating this bartender be fired or shamed, just that his training sucks and he handled the situation poorly.  That’s pretty objectively factual.  If I’m not attempting Read more

Jul 26 2019

So yeah, if you have a super young-looking face and an unusual out-of-state ID, you should “just accept” that you will occasionally be denied that swig of booze you so desperately crave. Read more

Jul 12 2019

If you lose your job, immediately start your own company, doing something you want to do. That could be attempting to consult in your field, selling your artwork, whatever. But set up the LLC, and try to do something with it. Read more

Jul 12 2019

Hair appointments are bush league.  I just cancelled someone’s $550 non-refundable airline tickets booked through American Airlines. How in the %#(@ does American Airlines not require emails to be verified. I’ve also cancelled non-refundable hotel reservations made through hotels.com.

Jul 9 2019

I read this and thought “I don’t use Zoom so I’m fine.” Then I checked my Applications folder, and lo and behold, I had a copy of Zoom that I must have downloaded once for some thing or another, and when I typed in
Read more

Jul 6 2019

Buying those “collectibles” is just as stupid, the only thing they will collect in the future will be dust.

Jul 5 2019

Yes, almost any one of us can look around their room and see trinkets or statuettes or other various tchotches and say “oh I like that thing, it has sentimental value to me” Read more

Jun 25 2019

It never ceases to amazes me how utterly naive some people can be when it comes to basic matters of finance. Ok, so don’t make any payments for a few years. Have fun getting no credit for anything else. If you have the cash on hand that you won’t ever need to finance a car, a house, or any other major purchase, then Read more

Jan 23 2014

On behalf of sane Sherlock fans, I would like to say that I like Mary and I am tickled to know that Amy is Martin Freeman's partner in real life. I am also happy that Watson is getting laid. Read more