Mar 20 2020

Dr. Jurati is going to mind-upload Picard to that “golem” intended for Soong and Picard is going to Picard speech the super synthetics down from wiping out all life. Since he’ll have robot body instead of a meat body they’ll treat him like one of thier own.  

Mar 19 2020

I am really loving this show. At the same time, I honestly cannot defend its many shortcomings. Weird

Mar 7 2020

There are legitimate reasons for these rules, you know. What if some harlot were to show her ankle? Have you considered the ramifications??

Mar 6 2020

Socioeconomics are often just as limiting as walls and the vacuum of space, if not more so. Of the five people I know who have never left their hometown, two of them (at least) are unable to leave that hometown due to factors beyond their control. These factors are based on money, opportunity, and how their parents Read more

Mar 5 2020

Everybody come quick! A straight man’s masculinity is threatened!

Mar 5 2020

She made the fatal error of trying to explain how her health care plan would be paid for. She should have just made promises like Bernie and Trump and never be truthful about how it would all work. People want to hear you’re getting free college, we’re going to build a wall, not turn to page 126 to see eliminating the Read more

Feb 28 2020

Yeah, I’m really enjoying it, and maybe that’s because I have a less rigid view of, “What Picard should be.” Read more

Feb 27 2020

i am also entertained by the implicit notion that there is a real future picard, against which this future picard can be judged. it’s a fictional character! people can do whatever they want. maybe i like it (and i do). maybe i don’t like it (not what i would have done with luke!). but not like there is some kind of Read more

Feb 13 2020

Zack needs to stop with this shit. The show has given us enough information. Stop harping on the fact that he’s different. You were warned by Patrick Stewart himself before the show even started! Being betrayed by the organization you gave your life to will break you. End of story. What’s he going to do afterward as a Read more

Jan 23 2020

Cool man, you do you there. To me, Christopher Lloyd’s Kruge will always be the Star Trek villain gold standard.

Dec 31 2019

And Congress. Ain’t a damn thing really going to change until progressives control both the WH and Congress.

Dec 31 2019

They shouldn’t. The only way back to a sustainable situation in this country is a liberal and progressive Dem in the White House.

Dec 9 2019

My favorite part was that when it came down to it, it was Gilfoyle who trusted Dinesh to do the right thing.

Oct 28 2019

You should know all there is to know about pathetic well. Dumb fucker who will call a woman a slut will stand up for a philandering dipshit of a president who also seems to think molesting women is all good. What a piece of shit you are.

Oct 16 2019

I also think abortions should be rare, but in my world they are rare because everyone has access to free or very low cost, effective pregnancy prevention, and has age appropriate comprehensive sex education from preschool through high school. Both of these things reduce abortion rates. And if they fail, abortion Read more

Oct 16 2019

Has anybody else notices how uniquely horrible he is with grieving parents? I know this whole thing was his idea because of how tone deaf it is.