Blue Brain
Friday 7:14AM

I’ve met their children, so I am not so worried about the competence level being high enough to pull that off.

5/12/21 10:32AM

I am not sure if he is gaslighting me or if he honestly remembers things differently. Read more

5/10/21 12:53PM

Given how 2016-2020 went, it’s progress that we’re back to this point.

4/16/21 12:53AM

To be fair, for residential the water authority been paying owners to replace their lawns with “desert landscaping” (rocks and low water plants) for years. Plus the lawns that do exist in Vegas are small, REALLY small. My dad has what we call a “postage stamp”, but when he was looking at houses some of the yards are Read more

4/05/21 1:25PM

it’s revealed that the “w” in her given name was “carelessly” omitted from her first acting credit, Flirting, a 1991 drama directed by John Duigan—the man who sexually abused her.

3/30/21 8:56PM

An Israeli moving into someone else’s space without permission? Surely you jest.

3/26/21 8:45PM

You are being watched. The government has a secret system. A machine that spies on you every hour of every day. I know because I built it. Read more

3/25/21 9:27PM

When I first became a suburban dweller with a lawn to mow, I took an extension class on grass - when to plant, when to mow, when to fertilize and when to water. It was super interesting to me. One thing that really stuck with me is that grass grows green and thick in the spring and fall - not in the summer (without Read more

3/23/21 12:37PM

He looks like he’s both a sailor and a ballet dancer and terrible at both

3/22/21 11:59AM

I love this show as a show. But, y’all - do not move to Mississippi. Alabama at least has Mobile. Georgia has Atlanta. Louisiana has New Orleans. Florida is three states in one and each has a couple of partially enlightened cities, plus beaches. Mississippi is a mess unless you really like to gamble. Now, now...I know Read more

3/18/21 3:50PM

worked for UFO believers and 9/11 conspiracy nuts too. If any government were that competent, that would actually be scarier than the actual conspiracy they are pushing.