Blue Brain
5/06/21 10:15AM

God, Texas. It’s not like you don’t have other Republicans. Primary his ass. I’d take a run-of-the-mill oil/guns/no-regulation-or-taxes dimwit than this guy.

4/07/21 10:53AM

I thought the same thing. This just sounds like people who want different things, not necessarily better or worse things. They need to break up, she can have a kid with a boring guy and eventually divorce him when him refusing to go down becomes too much and he can go on a late-20s, early 30s coke binge where he Read more

3/11/21 10:17AM

You are more optimistic than I am. I remember looking at that “Anti-trafficking rally” happened in Rome over a year ago and I was absolutely mystified as to what was going on. Turn out they were cutting-edge QAnon and just waiting for Queen Marjorie.

2/16/21 4:54PM

I’m so grateful costume design gave those three brothers different sideburns. I spent the first few episodes going, wait, wasn’t that the other one . . .

2/03/21 11:54AM

Where the fuck is I May Destroy You?? The Emily lede gets a nod but Michaela Coel leaves her heart on the floor for nothing? Nonsense.

1/22/21 3:23PM

I hear you (congrats on your wife’s good health!) I cried like a baby reading the essay even years after helping a loved one manage care for end of life from cancer. Nope. No, thank you, indie cancer drama.

1/20/21 9:36AM

That 2LW is like exhibit 42 of why cuckolds in real life must be exhausting. You find a dude who you are down to fuck in front of your boyfriend and he complains he’s not “hot enough”?? I would tie him up and break down in step by step detail about how this other guy gets me wet and then see who’s the dominant.

1/15/21 9:36AM

When you’re a woman with your own money and power, being supportive and loving is way more valuable in partner. You’re trying to run shit and deal with the patriarchy, you don’t have time to baby a man who has been told he is “important.” Those dudes are exhausting. 

1/06/21 10:27AM

Yes, this. I’m a Georgia voter who received 20+ postcards post marked from Boston and La Jolla and where ever. This didn’t inspire me to vote. It seemed like busywork for the anxious base. The work that turned Georgia blue (for the moment) was hard and tedious and incremental. I hope that these recent successes will Read more

1/06/21 10:20AM

That poor LW2 has got to cut and run. Being even mildly kinky in your 20s and going to Belgium with a sexually incompatible partner is like going to a La Maison du Chocolat store with a Hershey’s bar in your sweaty hand and being like, “No thanks, I’ve got some chocolate.”

1/05/21 10:02AM

This weird idea of Raffensberger as a defender of democracy has got to stop. He knows there is no legal way for him to hand over the electoral votes and he will look like an an ass in court down the line. If there was a legal way for him to side with the president, he would. As we speak, his office is drafting Read more

12/04/20 11:17AM

Are we sure this isn’t a really committed piece of performance art?

12/02/20 10:46AM

Well, and also that she doesn’t realize that she’s into him until he has a girlfriend. For folks who aren’t really ready for a real, adult relationship, emotionally unavailable people are soooo sexy . . . until you have them. This lady needs more time in therapy before she gets into the relationship business. Read more

12/01/20 9:57AM

Anyone elses stop and rewatch the opening couple of minutes where she’s jetting around the world, dancing in large groups and sharing drinks with friends one or five or fifteen times? God, that looked like fun.

11/30/20 2:51PM

Ah, okay. I was trying to figure out for whom Hugh Grant was the red herring (betting on Sutherland.) He just seemed so guilty, but now I see the kid is the red herring for his murder-dad. Read more