6/09/21 8:44AM

Also, christ, you want to talk about fans defending their moron overlord, check out Jalopnik whenever someone dares to criticize Elon Musk.

6/09/21 8:32AM

I felt this site was getting stupid and trolly in the comments section lately. Although a lot of his fans seems to have run here to defend their moron overlord aggressively. 

6/09/21 8:20AM

I’m both shocked and disappointed by the apparently large overlap between AV Club Commentariat and Joe Rogan defenders.

6/03/21 8:23AM

I’ve only been to an actual Alamo Drafthouse once, but my understanding is that they take a hard line on disruptions during the show. For me, that alone is worth the price of admission. Read more

6/02/21 11:23PM

Not to turn this into an OS war, but is this not built into the iOS keyboard? I feel like most Android keyboards let you pin stuff to your clipboard for easy access later on

5/24/21 1:04PM

We really do live in the worst/dumbest timeline. 

5/21/21 10:32AM

To paraphrase The Kids in the Hall, Army of the Dead is Snyder’s best film.  It’s also terrible.

5/19/21 8:33AM

And if you happen to get hit with a piece of space junk (particularly a toilet seat from a defunct Russian space station), it then becomes your responsibility to escort souls to the afterlife.

5/03/21 2:45PM

Or you know, when they tried to weaponize their fans against Apple and Google while clearly trying to do the same stuff they want people to fight against (and willingly going against the terms of service they agreed to in the first place to start the whole mess).
Read more

5/03/21 11:10AM

Cool, can’t wait for the EULAs to describe how they own all content posted onto ArtStation, so Epic can just steal artwork from creators without paying them, and then saying ‘well, you agreed we own this to do with it as we please when you posted it here’ a la facebook and twitter. Read more

5/03/21 12:28AM

Sweeny’s long game is both incredibly obvious, and wildly esoteric. Read more

4/29/21 5:26PM

I don’t think anyone has a problem with reasonable responses to watching a movie in public. It’s okay to laugh at jokes, cheer when the heroes win, etc. If you are the type of person who likes to loudly ask “Who is that?” “What just happened?” etc., then yeah, nobody likes you in the theater (or likely at home either).

4/29/21 4:38PM

I’ve never been to an Alamo Drafthouse, but I’ve been to theaters that operate in a similar manner. Based on personal anecdotal experiences, most of the people that go to these types of theaters are there for the movie, and tend to respect the rest of the movie goers. The audience is generally much quieter than your Read more

4/13/21 3:40PM

I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. Confederate monuments should not exist anywhere outside of museums. They’re participation trophies for treasonous seditionists and pretty much every single one was built in the years after the Civil War, usually during things like Jim Crow or the Civil Rights movement (which Read more

4/11/21 11:57AM

I only poke my head into the Epic Games Store maybe once a week, just to claim the free game. I haven’t played any of them of course, but I figure it doesn’t hurt to have a stash of several dozen free games on hand (some of them pretty good titles too!) in case of an emergency. Read more