6/03/21 1:29PM

Since Alamo moved into my area a few years ago I probably see 18 movies a year in one of their theaters. Most of their food is very easy to eat at your seat/table, burgers, wings, wraps and the like. I did try the French toast one time and that was kind of a mess just because there wasn’t quite enough room. Read more

4/30/21 2:19PM

I have been to dozens of showings at Alamo and never once been distracted by the sounds of people gulping, also, the drinks are served in glasses so not a lot of cup sounds. The seats are spaced apart and you have quite a lot of personal space. Read more

3/12/21 3:49PM

To say nothing of the manuals, maps, posters, and art books that used to just regularly come in the box.

3/11/21 5:59PM

I put an evening in and wasn’t sold on it so I tried it again the next night and then uninstalled it. The shooting felt lazy, the abilities were fine but I felt so damned stuck to the ground and never felt like my character was actually very impressive. The story was boring and railroading you through so much of it Read more

3/11/21 5:52PM

That would be a shame, Google Maps shows you the most direct route somewhere, Waze shows you the fastest. Waze will often direct me away from the main obvious paths and run me through a neighborhood or across a shopping complex and I shave quite a lot of time off my trips.

3/02/21 11:30PM

I can’t wait to get back in a theater. In a normal year I typically see at least one, often two movies a month. Alamo shows so many older films so there is always something to see and it is an excuse to go out for dinner and drinks with friends.

1/13/21 1:47PM

There were a few good moments in the second season but it definitely should have never gotten a third. I can’t be bothered to even give this season a try after it has gone so far off the rails and the treatment of Jones. 

1/11/21 11:54AM

No, one of the things these guys are most proud of is that they don’t learn lessons.

12/05/20 4:45PM

The theaters are tiered in a way that allows servers to come and go without being distracting so if your phone is out they will see it when they are doing their rounds. Also, at any point if someone is being distracting you can write it on your order card and they will come check once they see the card in place. Read more

12/04/20 7:21PM

The last time I ended up in a Cinemark with some friends I couldn’t believe how many regular TV commercials I had to sit through. The ticket was expensive and then I had to pay again by sitting through twenty minutes of commercials and there was nothing to balance that out. Movie trailers are fine, commercials for Read more

12/04/20 7:17PM

I tried both the AMC and Cinemark equivalent and it just isn’t the same. The beer selection was limited and you had to order your food from the general concessions counter before you went it. I totally agree with you though, moving forward I really don’t see a lot of room in the market for theaters that don’t have the Read more

12/04/20 11:59AM

I have been twice during the pandemic, middle of the day shows on a Wednesday and had the theater just to my bubble. Just having the ability to see how many tickets have been sold for a showing before you buy is a huge feature.

12/04/20 12:24AM

Before Alamo Drafthouse moved into my area I saw movies in theater maybe twice a year. With Alamo offering a great selection of beer and food along with so many older films and no commercials I have been going to 15+ movies a year the last few years. AMC and Cinemark are an unpleasant way to experience watching a Read more

11/05/20 4:12PM

I haven’t been in a GameStop in years because they are terrible. If the holdouts would just agree to also ignore them we could see a world with no more GameStops very soon.

11/02/20 11:44AM

I have washed my hands of anyone in my life who supports trump. There is no shared morality.

10/22/20 3:46PM

The scoville system is pretty ridiculous and not terribly useful for anything. Aside from just heat different peppers hit you differently. Ghost peppers are hot for sure but not nearly as hot if you know to toss them into your mouth to avoid your lips while reapers are even hotter but are basically fine to get on your Read more

10/22/20 12:23PM

My policy is see a chili, eat a chili. I haven’t found anything too hot yet.

I wish it was possible to actually get my hands on a Pepper X.

10/21/20 12:38PM

Facebook is always looking for new and exciting ways to make their platform worse.