Sep 1 2017

Here’s what I know if DACA ends: that America let hate, fear-mongering, lies, innuendo, and bigotry win. And there is not now nor will there ever be an excuse for such a total and utter failure of society and civilization. The blame falls on all of us — we let things get this far through our collective inaction, our Read more

Aug 29 2017

When you think about it the way you describe it in your last paragraph, it’s not really disproportionate at all. They’re trying to terrorize folks living peacefully; they should be terrorized in turn - especially as the (repeated!) aggressors. Read more

Aug 11 2017

My vote would be for an earlier Hummer. While the H2 went on sale in the early ‘aughts and not the ‘90s, it, too, was a harbinger of things to come. It was bro, before there were really “bros.” It was one of the first gas guzzlers in a long line of gas guzzlers, and it definitely embodies the ‘EXXXTREME’ attitude of a Read more

Aug 4 2017

I’ve got bluetooth in my ‘85 RX7 GSL with the factory equalizer. The workshop manual describes the bus system that goes between tuner, tape deck, and eq. I used that information to create a serial DIN patch cable that contains a 1/8" jack connector, and from there I hooked up a cheap bluetooth car module. Now I can Read more

Jul 26 2017

Is there an internet rule that whenever I’ve had a thought in the past about some obscure vehicle thing from a show Torch has written an article on it?

Jul 12 2017

First, some states have laws in place to actually protect the seller in the event that the person is taking unfair advantage of them. It’s just hard to prove. Read more

Jul 9 2017

replacing everything was catching up on about a decade and a half of deferred maintenance. I know my ZJ will run, I know it’s safe, because I basically built it.

Jul 8 2017

FL is where you have the terrible combo of old retirees and young people growing up in a place catering to old retirees and little else (“why should I fund schools? I don’t have kids anymore!” is common there) beyond tourism concerns (my hometown hosted Girls Gone Wild spring break movies for years). Also the south is Read more

Jun 13 2017

I suppose it would make the pit maneuver a bit harder to pull off.

Jun 12 2017

I take issue with the usage of “mentally disabled”. I have Asperger’s and poor social skills, but I sure-as-shit could out visually-systematically-spatialize anything more completely than an overwhelming majority of humans. I’m not mentally disabled because I don’t give a shit about other people in public/small talk. Read more

Jun 9 2017

It all depends on what they knew, when, and what can be proven. Without a paper trail, Bosch could easily make the case that they developed this software for VW under the assumption it would be used for “test purposes only”, and it was VW’s decision to use it for something other than its intended purpose.