not just the content, the intent.

If they insist on recaps after commercial breaks, at least add some stats. the prior TGA wasted a whole Stig lap with recaps. I did the math but they had 0 Stig to work with.
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all that unused gravity just sitting there.

They better give her some badass context next year, none of these Summers fit the construction set.

The show ‘Northern Exposure’ set in Alaska, one resident initially wanted a new stop sign, then realized it was a slippery slope to vacation rentals and withdrew the request. Read more

Where’s the U-Boat captain?

Technically not a k-car, but I became distracted by the possibility.

because it can be done.

What used to trend 15-21% batshit opinion is leaning 25-29%, which indicates the outside influence of more fingers and toes to use for the math.
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Closed course, professional driver, master of dimensions.

In case you were wondering where the Transylvania bit came from, it’s from illegal immigrants making an illegal deal for dirt floors..

If they don’t, maybe the owners can get another car company to sponsor Honda repaints. Just a 6 month contract to run an ad on the hood and done.

These are still sitting in that TN junkyard parked for engine failure sometime before Space Invaders became popular.

Don’t forget to get the certified Elipsacaine viewing glasses.

Back then they called it manifest destiny.

The MK2 stock engine by this point (89-92) had a fuel rail rather than the convoluted injection system, ending up with as much HP as the stock 8v GTi motor of 85-87.
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Be correct, even though to so many that’s not relevant. try to be sure before replying or relaying something.

NBC once fired an ALF costume actor for talking to press and breaking the illusion. Paul Fusco is a bit of a creative.
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