Kawaii-Gon Jinn
Apr 7

Those two aren’t in competition at all: they’re completely different approaches. MST3K is about finding funny riffs that can be sustained throughout the entire run of a bad movie. Cinemasins is about taking any movie, good or bad, and nitpicking it to death. MST3K makes bad movies fun. Cinemasins drains the fun out of Read more

Mar 30

Eh, think I’d not really be down with people posting pics of me from high school without my consent, being that I was a super awkward teen and all. People have complicated relationships with their high school selves and what might look like a perfectly nice photo to an outsider might trigger a lot of painful feelings Read more

Mar 22

“Having not seen much of Super Seducer 3, it’s hard to say which content Steam had a problem with.” Read more

Jan 15

Except that Mal is undoubtedly the hero of the show and the guy we’re rooting for, so when he wins and never faces any repercussions for this, the text of the show is “this is no big deal.” Maybe Whedon didn’t intend it, maybe it would have been more nuanced if the show had gone longer, but none of that matters, cause Read more

Jan 15

I’m going to go a step farther: the show is memorable because of the actors. So much of that dialogue is bad, in the way Whedon dialogue is frequently bad: jokey, quippy, and writerly. Whedon writes dialogue, not based on how people talk, but based on how he wishes he was heard. Read more

Dec 22

a buddy just sent me the ‘oh boy sleep! that’s where i’m a viking!’ thread and i was shocked to learn it’s widely thought that ralph was saying ‘i’m a viking at sleeping’, not ‘when i sleep i dream i’m a viking’, which to me is the only possible interpretation.

Dec 21

I think their videos are fine and mostly unobjectionable, and so I generally agree with much of what you say.  But I don’t think you can turn videos of your kid playing with toys into a content machine that generates $25.5 million in revenue without a “ruthless sense of opportunism.”

Jan 11 2018

For at least four generations, (from pre 1900s) my family has kept salted butter on the kitchen counter, in an air-tight butter dish, at room temp. I know from my own experience, that it will last without any spoilage for at least 30 days. But if it is around that long, you’re not using enough butter.