Katy del Moxie
Dec 2 2018
Morning OT<em></em>

This morning my son and I are doing our normal bookstore/grocery shopping trip. What are all of you up to?

Feb 5 2018

I don’t normally do this, but I’m ignoring bad things that happened today by cruising twitter and we haven’t had one

Apr 30 2017

Yesterday, I lamented because the Pixies were playing and I wasn’t going. Money is tight, so I haven’t been buying

Mar 21 2017

Update: The neurologist just called to let me know the MRI was good. It showed some sinus disease, the scoliosis we

Jan 29 2017
Part of my self care...

Part of my self care is taking care of my gut. I have a tendency towards yeast overgrowth** and I am very bad at

Jan 2 2017
We made another thing

Since moving into our house in September 2015, we have found that Mr. Moxie likes to build and restore things and I

Apr 9 2016

Just because someone shared this with me and I needed to do the same.