RaisedByHeathens Orange Meanie-Pants
Nov 7 2016

Does anybody else get weirdly stymied by relatively small/easy decisions? The big and important stuff isn’t this

Oct 9 2016

Yep. Nope. BoyHeathen made a bitchin masala beef stew. I came home from work and had A drink. Which became A shot.

Sep 7 2016
Hey Knitters!

And Hookers too! Also sewers, canners, wood burners scrap Bookers etc et al....

Jul 11 2016

Hey guys! Long time no talk! I made it out to Washington (invite me out! We’ll drink coffee from one of your many

Apr 6 2016

Is anybody watching Viceland? The shows I have watched have been consistently interesting and high quality.

Mar 5 2016

The date has been set for my cross country drive from South Carolina to Washington! May 14th I’m leaving here, and

Jan 13 2016
Hue are You?

Firstly, I finished my double rainbow socks and just absolutely adore them. They are practically all wool except for

Jan 8 2016

So. I have started doing the whole trying to actively not kill my self slowly. I have stopped smoking! (Like legit-

Dec 24 2015
Treat Yo Self!

Ok! We’ve given of ourselves, of our hearts our love and our generosity. We’ve trekked far and wide to find the

Dec 23 2015

My mother informed me today that I am too old to wear hoodies, and also too old to listen to NIN. I am however too

Dec 17 2015

This is an absolute whiny whine. I cannot begin to thank my family enough for being willing to help me out during a

Dec 13 2015

So. Sorry for disappearing for a while. Things have been... in flux. Firstly, thank you very much for all of your

Nov 18 2015
Care Level Zero.

So. Yesterday wasn’t an actual court date, we had to answer the summons and the actual court date is for next

Nov 13 2015

We’re getting evicted. I honestly don’t know what to do. I’ve never been so fucked before.

Nov 12 2015

Hey everyone. Thanks so much for last night. I drank some bourbon, cried, watched Inside Out cried a lot more ate