Oh goodness, I hope you’ve only got one embryo. When I got pregnant, I had taken clomid, and the doc warned me that due to my age and the clomid, I had a higher chance of multiples. I had a nightmare the night before my first ultrasound that there were 7 embryos in there! Thankfully, it was only one. Read more

Oh, I am loving this show. I’m so anxious about whether my school district will require in school teaching in the fall, and also about the general shittyness of the world. This show has been a goddamned balm. I forgot how much these books influenced my interior life when I was a tween. Dawn’s first episode had me in a Read more

There’s little to no focus on sex Ed and effective birth control in many places by design. It reinforces structural poverty and racism. Want to keep people poor, uneducated and scratching by in low wage jobs? Make sure they can’t control their reproductive lives by making any form of birth control either Read more

I actually am a left-side sleeper. Sleeping on my back fucks my shit up. But when I was pregnant, all I wanted to do was sleep on my back. Also, I ate all he fucking deli sandwiches.  Read more

Ok, but can we talk about Harris’s suit/tennies combo! 😍 Read more

Thongs are for leggings only! Especially when I exercise. No wedgies if there’s already a piece wedged up my butt. Much less distracting.  Read more

Ugh, even the tweens are doing it now. I’ve had 6th graders get busted for vaping this year. Read more

Right? I think I’m only at the 9 year mark, but I definitely was psyched when I got my star. And I think it was from Erin when she was still a weekend mod. Those were the days... 😂 Read more

My birth was on the traumatic side, BUT I always remind myself that women have been doing this for millions of years. And when the baby came, and shit got tough, I reminded myself that she won’t be doing whatever she’s doing currently at 16. None of my friends with kids really shared their experiences with me before I Read more

This post has ALOT of lentil tendencies. Maybe even more than any recent wedding-related posts. I almost called us lesbian shit-asses as well. Ahhhhh... the old days! Read more

Thanks! And glad you recovered well. My recovery wasn’t super painful because we ended up staying in the hospital for almost a week due to other stuff. And despite being a baby-friendly hospital, the nurses kindly took my daughter to the nursery frequently. So, I actually had a pretty decent initial recovery. Read more

Ugh, I tried so hard to go unmedicated, but after 20 hours of back labor, I tapped the fuck out. I’ll never know if the epidural contributed to my tearing, but I pushed for 3 hours and my kid has a huge head. I had a 4th degree tear. When the lactation consultant explained to me what that exactly meant, 2 days later, Read more

It was the summer before 5th grade, and bff and I were preening in front of the mirror in my bedroom. I turn to bff and, stone cold, say, “you know, bff, I really am prettier than you.” Read more

The Tati-James Charles beef is THE talk of 6th grade currently. Some students have sworn to sell their “Sisters” hoodies on eBay or give them to goodwill. Others are still wearing their hoodies and enduring taunts of “Bye Sister”. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. I had a student draw devil horns on the pic of James Charles Read more

My baby would only sleep in the RNP, too. Luckily no flat spot for her. Our crib was a giant storage bin for 6 months.  Read more

Ugh, this story has hit me particularly hard. For the first 5.5 weeks of her life, our daughter refused to sleep anywhere but on our chests. Finally one night, in a fit of a desperation, I swaddled her and put her in the r’n’p and she magically slept for 5 hours. Suddenly she was sleeping longer and longer stretches, Read more

It’s not on the infant Tylenol label for kids under 2. I’ve had to google it before. But again, he’s capable of doing the googling too.  Read more

A lot of my friends who are moms are really into this. I’m also a newish mom (15 month old) and I find the lack of reflection on gender roles troubling. My marriage is certainly not without gender roles and my husband and I get in arguments about work distribution all the time. But when it comes to childcare, my Read more

My ring is fair trade lentils, handcrafted by my partner, who spent zero dollars, but a lot of sweat equity. Read more