Karl Marx Sanchez

I’m always amazed that more rich dudes like this don’t check out of their careers and then just fuck off to do whatever they want. To me that’s the whole point of being rich. Read more

Now is my time to shine and I got nothing. Read more

but why do you *need* to see it? Read more

“I said you could use my resume as a template, not make a crazy sign on the back of it.” Read more

had an overseas stint in the Polish American Football League Read more

This is like when a pre-teen Skip Bayless got to interview his idol, Satan. Read more

If you mention high school freshman towns, it’s only a matter of time before Mark Sanchez asks for directions.
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If in a few months there are medical journal articles describing an incident where a man’s eyes rolled right out of his head, that was me, today, reading this comment.
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“Watching a new episode unfold is a bit like watching the San Antonio Spurs run yet another flawless offensive set.”
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Sure they do. Now you’ll probably tell me “tablet” refers to some kind of electronic device. Read more

Seeing that they play in Detroit next week, the Packers should have no trouble getting a much-needed shot in the arm. Or the toe. Or wherever they can find veins. Shots of heroin. Because drugs are widely available in Detroit. Because Detroit is a ruined place. America’s in trouble, folks. Read more

This never happened when Brett Favre was quarterback! No tablets were available because he’d ingested them all. Read more

Basketball is a game of give and take. Read more

To be fair, you can’t hurry Love. No, you just have to wait.
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